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Thread: Dental Surgery

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    Surprisingly, just me here, Ibuprofen has worked better for me than any pain medication for Dental procedures.

    Call me strange, but it works better for me in a lot of pain situations. I'm just strange I guess.

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    My husband had a root canal Dec 2018
    The dentist gave him (30) penicillin

    (50) 600mg Ibuprofen

    (12) 10-325 hydrocodone/acetaminophen. He used a couple motrin & maybe couple days penicillin. Pain was mild & gone in couple days.

    My sister had total hip replacement & they gave her (20) 5-325 Hydro/acetaminophen. She’s done well, has some left & surgery was 2/26, 8 more than my husband, & half the strength. He didn’t even open script, pain was minimal. Doctor told him just in case.
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