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Thread: Your DR can only give you records that made, not records that other Drs gave them

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    Default Your DR can only give you records that made, not records that other Drs gave them

    If 5 specialists and your old PCP send records to your Dr, he cannot provide them to you. Your DR can give you his own records. MRI records and such if given to him directly (whether he ordered them or not)from the facility. Additionally they will charge you $.10-$.25/PG. If they send it to a doctor there is no charge. If you want all your records you need to individually contact every doctor you have ever seen. Now will some doctors offices mess up and give you records they shouldn't? Yes, in fact I've had it happen From a very disorganized office
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    Is that a federal regulation, state regulation or that doctor's own rule?

    My wife will undergo two more very serious ortho surgeries in the next year and every time we see a new doc we the new specialist we
    are seeing for her ankle has all of the previous doctor notes and files. The file barely fits in a box after 4 surgeries in 5 years.

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