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  1. ArtyBowieFan

    Why do pharmacies take pills out of blister packs?

    I think partly because they can vacuum pack them, which also makes them easier to conceal in packaging.
  2. ArtyBowieFan


    Because I didn't put in my new email address I have been demoted from honorable member to member. I find this grossly unfair. I had nearly 400 posts and had no idea that my email was so important. I have worked hard at this forum and am quite upset by this. If someone could help me contact Admin...
  3. ArtyBowieFan

    Lorazepam quality

    I have had Hemofarm in blister packs and found it to be excellent. Better than Ativan generics for sure. My supplier was not from India though. Some of the best benzos seem to come from Eastern Europe, so this is surprising.
  4. ArtyBowieFan

    Benzo panic in UK

    My GP won't prescribe me benzos but she did prescribe pregabalin - which was described as "the new valium" in The Independent. It also has addictive potential.
  5. ArtyBowieFan

    Drugs Research Pharmacy (Cameroon)

    Drugs research... Except that they don't have any drugs to research or supply.
  6. ArtyBowieFan

    IndiaMart ( Like Tradekey ect ect ect )

    I have had several products from India but they have been, frankly, awful. The Xanax that I bought once was chalky and did not taste of alprazolam.
  7. ArtyBowieFan

    Pp, WU, and MG issues

    Moneygram used to be fairly simple, but now they require ID that I don't have. My bank stopped my online WU payment recently, and then gave me a big lecture. I did manage to use my card earlier this week to order from an established vendor - I was pleasantly surprised!
  8. ArtyBowieFan


    Thanks. I am not taking them anymore and feel fine. We were taking too many, but not as bad as getting through them in a few days. It is good for anxiety though, I must say.
  9. ArtyBowieFan


    Hi, my doctor has me on 100mg of Pregabalin a day. Unfortunately I haven't been taking it as advised, and it only lasts a few days. I enjoy the relaxing effect a higher dose has on me; particularly as I have had a massive anxiety problem for years. I ordered 56 300mg tablets and my partner and I...
  10. ArtyBowieFan

    Graphic Novels

    About 3 years ago I got into graphic novels - not Superman - but adult based stuff. Vertigo is a particularly good publisher. I've enjoyed these books as much as any in my life, good stories, guts 'n' gore, adult themes etc. A few to recommend: Sandman, Fables, Preacher, Scalped, Maus...
  11. ArtyBowieFan

    Anyone Go to the Dentist

    I'm 36 and have amazingly have not visited the dentist's in ten years! I have no fillings or pain. Lucky I guess...
  12. ArtyBowieFan

    Favourite Ice Cream?

    It's just homemade ice cream using fresh blackcurrants - very nice! She made a white chocolate one a few years ago.
  13. ArtyBowieFan

    Welcome Trump thread

    Mrs Thatcher used to have 4-5 hour sleeps... And now we have a new one! Cue lots of mysogynist journalists/public comparing her to Thatcher. They are right-wing and don't own penises. There's not much more in common.
  14. ArtyBowieFan

    Welcome Trump thread

    Oh well, maybe things will settle down at some point. Politics is a bit of an emotive subject - especially at the moment!
  15. ArtyBowieFan

    Welcome Trump thread

    I can't 'like' either. Must need a higher post rating!
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