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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    I think I already know, but what does it mean if your letter goes from ISC New York, Then lands in queens ny distribution ctr? Is queens still customs? Or does the fact that it left ISC and landed in queens mean it is past customs?
  3. auburnfan123

    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    You have got that right brother. Having a prior addiction to prescribed meds is a terrible situation to be in. Doctors just consider covering their ass from the DEAs harrassment to be more of a priority than helping the patient. And the whole situation is self-reinforcing because when someone...
  4. auburnfan123

    New tool-for-Tools claims to predict drug-seekers

    What??? You mean all the times I was treated horribly by doctors and was denied the medication I needed was my own damn fault for forgetting to mention to the doctors that I am Caucasian?? Shit!! Is there somewhere I can go to get this White Medicinal Privilege Card? I cant believe I never knew...
  5. auburnfan123

    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    @jaders i totally agree. I was in a recovery program for opioids because I had such a hard time tapering off of Oxycontin i was prescribed. I was on methadone. During this period, I had horrible indigestion and acid reflux which caused me to wake up a few mornings having trouble breathing and my...
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    Message to all new users and senior members

    Can new members see the vendor names in this post? Shouldn't they only be listed in seniors area? Just curious 😐🙄
  7. auburnfan123

    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    Would be a much more accurate thread title if it was titled : "Sick of the irrational 'war on drugs' allowing the DEA to harrass & threaten docs into forcing us to do what we do"
  8. auburnfan123

    Drugbuyers (db) members here!

    @evertking Me too
  9. auburnfan123

    What series have you binge watched lately?

    Watched "don't f with cats" on Netflix. Crazy stuff!!
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    My life with suboxone. Need advice.

    Arg4, I have struggled with opioid dependency for many years. Methadone was the only thing that made my life manageable. In fact, I went from a production line worker to a Manufacturing process engineer, during my years of opioid management. My advice to you is a couple things: 1. Steer clear of...
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    BuSpar (buspirone) experiences?

    Cp2k, Every doc that I've seen over the years to combat my severe anxiety immediately prescribes buspar (busiprone) to me. And for someone with anxiety disorder like myself that has taken klonapin, Valium, and other effective meds, buspar sucks
  12. auburnfan123

    Domestic package sent to Chicago International Distribution Facility????

    all should be good4u. give it a couple days. :) no reason to get LL unless it crosses borders.
  13. auburnfan123

    Resolved Demoted To Member

    I hate that our usernames can expire if we dont post for a while. I constantly worry that I will try to login one day and I will lose my account that I have had for near a decade.
  14. auburnfan123

    Email extortion from an order I placed last year.

    did you find out how they got your info??
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