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    Vaccine or No?

    I got COVID back in March. They do two tests (at least for me). One is up your nose that is the RAPIP test, the other they did the back of my throat and that usually takes a couple days. It really fucking sucked. I was in the hospital for a week and not only did I have Covid but I was going...
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    Paying with Paypal

    ^this - so much more protection with actual "business" and the fees are totally worth the protection.
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    Strange Sci-fi shows of the 70's/80's/90's

    Honestly... I get extremely creeped out by old sci-fi / strange shows. Like the Twilight Zone just makes me feel awkward. Is that just me?
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    Hi all

    Howdy and welcome! While I am across the pond as an American, I do see quite a bit of UK people here =) I am sure many will post here and let you know!
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    Fent*nyl flood.

    Received my test strips!!!
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    Tapentadol vs. Tramadol (thinking about switching from tramadol to tapentadol and have questions)

    So I didn't take Tapentadol long term. I ordered it a few times for a total of maybe 500 pills. Maybe it was more... but you get the idea. A lot more than just a small sample but I wasn't on it for months on end. I can also only speak for the Tapentadol that I got from an Indian vendor who has...
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    Fent*nyl flood.

    So those blue 30mg roxy... Man I wouldn't even bother buying those things online anymore. They flooded so bad. One thing I have noticed is that pills with coatings tend to not be pressed as much. So for example.. a G73 Opana has a distinct coating and a taste. An Oxy OP 40 has a distinct coating...
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    Kratom use

    I had to take it a few times to actually feel it... Also had to get from a legit source. Anyway, not preaching Kratom here but it has helped a lot of people. Tastes awful though...
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    Covid 19 & Chloroquine Trump Says Possible Cure & Preventive !

    Why does one of his testicles hang lower than the other?
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    The Song Game...

    Baby Outlaw - El King
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    Tramadol to antidepressants... what are the possibilities?

    @Zara have you ever tried Kratom? It itself is addicting but much less so. If you do go for a doctors route, personally I would come clean for treatment but no way in hell would I do it with a doctor that is affiliated to anything in my area due to being black listed for certain drugs.. think of...
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    How to get on Sub?

    Yea this needs mentioned again and with emphasis... The reason why I don't take suboxone. Once you are on the stuff, realize just how "powerful" it is and how addicted you will be. It stays in your system so long and so strongly that if you ever decide to come off of it, it will make your life...
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    Tramadol to antidepressants... what are the possibilities?

    I'm not sure if I would tell your doctor about 10 years of opioid abuse... Maybe find a different temp doctor? I've had bad experiences when I was younger coming "clean" with a doctor who when I actually did need something at a future date it would not happen. Also those records are sometimes...
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    Kratom use

    I just wash and toss, but I did get a capsule machine off Amazon. It is relatively easy (and cheap) to capsule out 100 at a time. You could probably do 1,000 capsules in an hour I would say (give or take) with my machine.
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    Do You Trust Meds From India?

    I haven't really been impressed with anything I personally have gotten from India... Unless it is an item that is more naturally found over there, or cost for real is cheap enough for no need to fake, then nah... Just my personal experience mind you so absolutely a tiny fraction of the overall...