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  1. babybird

    Medstore ( Medstore-Online.IN )

    It is the same. I use it regularly. They get the website shut down occasionally and have to come back with a different domain ending.
  2. babybird

    Medstore ( Medstore-Online.IN )

    I use this OP broker exclusively. They are good and my orders sweep through Europe only to be stuck in the USPS black hole. I got one Love Letter from customs through them in July and they reshipped. You can use the online chat and they will show you where your order is. I never use email to...
  3. babybird

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    I had that happen to me and I finally ended up with a love letter from customs. Judging from other posts, it seems that the USPS will sometimes just add a status so their delivery metrics will not go down...
  4. babybird

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Ugh, just add COVID to all the customs stuff. I have been waiting for my package to move for a long time. It ships from Europe and is easily trackable until it hits the US and just disappears into a black hole for any number of weeks. What a hot mess our P.O. is these days...
  5. babybird

    Medstore ( Medstore-Online.IN )

    This is a good company. Not cheap and not fast, but trustworthy with a wide selection of controlled meds.
  6. babybird

    CBD Oil

    I have had problems with severe systemic inflammation. In other words I hurt everywhere, all the time. Sometimes I hurt so much I just sat and cried. I tried different anti-inflammatories and even took Vicoden for a time. I tried cbd and one day I woke up and didn't hurt anymore. So, I...
  7. babybird

    Good choice of antibiotic for when it's really needed ?

    Doxcyline works against a multitude of organisms
  8. babybird

    Recent experiences ordering to Germany?

    You can track via www* posta- romana *ro
  9. babybird

    Recent experiences ordering to Germany?

    I have a shipment from Germany that's been sitting in customs since 02/28/19. I've written that $200 bucks off...
  10. babybird


    I have just recently found out that the pharmacy I use in India had a major raid on it. Luckily my broker is reliable and refunded my money. Has anyone else had a problem with Indian pharmacies????
  11. babybird


    Can you give me some pointers on how to find reliable dealers on craigslist? This OP stuff is ridiculous. I'm a woman, but can do the tough look and carry a gun if necessary for protection. I live in North Carolina. Just moved here and don't have any reliable people down here. Thanks, babybird
  12. babybird


    Started when Trump took over I no longer can get tracking from my source. It is some sort of problem they are having with customs. I've researched it and it looks like the USPS will no longer track the packages from INDIA. I still get the packages, only had one problem in the last year, but I...
  13. babybird

    Has everybody taken the necessary steps to avoidwithdrawals?

    Sometimes it's good to run out of opiates or sleeping pills. Keeps you from completely going down the rabbit hole. I have an auto-immune arthritis disorder and went to a pain clinic for 3 years. I decided it was so much hassle anymore that I would quit. A month of hell, of course, but...
  14. babybird

    Help with Xanax Brands........

    Anybody ever tried Gabitril for GAD? It's a nice calm feeling, not loopy at all. Cheaper than a lot of the other stuff out there. Physician heal thyself...
  15. babybird

    NY Customs - Problems?

    Well, well, well - My letter finally was cleared out of NY ISC and went to New Hampshire and apparently went to New Hampshire twice because I got 2 notices from USPS tracking. I'm on the west coast so that's not really in the right direction, but at least its not lost. I'm on 24 days since...
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