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  1. bamorris


    I love beer! Been home brewing since the 80's. All grain, everything from Ales, Red Ales, Stouts, NEIPA's, Porter's Lagers and Pilsners. #girlsthatbrew šŸ»
  2. bamorris

    Vaccine or No?

    Can't get it soon enough! Moderna is what they are dishing out here. Not picky, and really confident in the vaccine.
  3. bamorris

    Hi Everyone. I come with the saddest news i have ever shared....please be kind :Heart:

    I am so sad to read this and I am so sorry. Sending you good vibrations!!
  4. bamorris

    Thats a lot of zannies

    Now that is a lot of xanax! Not too sure about their packaging tho:rofl:
  5. bamorris

    Anyone else having longer wait times with Coinbase?

    I use coinbase and their fees are really high...If you change draft accounts or a unknown device they hold your money!! the verification process can be up to two weeks. I feel like I am stuck and have not switched to another app. Worse than a bank to get your on cash!!
  6. bamorris

    Feeling dizzy..been with my smartphone longer

    I am on Zoom calls all day long...My monitor and device time has gone up exponentially. Not feeling dizzy tho, just trapped. I worked less hours when I went into the office :bigsmile:
  7. bamorris

    What is the COVID-related situation where you are located?

    Current Mood: Mayor announces all bars, nightclubs, amusement parks, arcades, billiard halls, movie theaters, entertainment venues, and gyms/health clubs to be closed. Restaurants can remain open just for drive thru and take out/delivery. We also are doing our job at work to flatten the curve so...
  8. bamorris

    Anyone do VR gaming?

    I am very much leveraged into the Apple eco system both work and home. It may just behoove me to wait for Apple. It then most likely allow me to integrate and share with existing devises. Imaging being able to do VR within APPLE 4k tv, obviously would need a platform to support and the device...
  9. bamorris

    Anyone do VR gaming?

    You know that is some good advice. I have been an early adopter on so many electronics. The VR thing is intriguing but...I will just play my xbox and carry on :happy:
  10. bamorris

    Anyone do VR gaming?

    I want to play and buy a system, I am thinking 2k gets me in with a scalable system. Tell me VR/gamers! Thanks:yes:
  11. bamorris

    HBO Series

    Succession has been one of my favorites! Turned many of people on too it, cannot wait for 3rd season
  12. bamorris

    Lost senior privileges :-(

    I too go for long periods of time between posts...It does make sense tho to really be more active and contribute more. I am pointing fingers at myself!:rolleyes:
  13. bamorris

    Don't Forget. Time Change is a'coming :)

    I hate it when we fall back...I get squirrelly and it messes with me. It gets cold and dark, although with all the great content to watch I just start binging and use the down time for that... I adjust.:bigsmile:
  14. bamorris

    Hello everyone

    Greetings and welcome to the forum. Hope you get to connect and learn from others around here. I have certainly gotten great input, it's cool to also get different perspectives.:calm:
  15. bamorris

    Lets Talk Football

    After week 2 and all the cupcake games, obviously Clemson looks poised to go to a championship. LSU surprised me with their new offense but D looked like weak...Ohio State really strong especially with QB Justin Fields, that dude is good!
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