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    @kje99...let’s face it, most people should just shove the mask in their mouths. There’s a lot of people who seem to feel the need to fill the air with their amazing words of wisdom. I kind of like the masks because you can make mouth and tongue gestures.
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    Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

    I am so sorry that Karuna has left us and feel that we all will miss her courage and strong spirit. I don’t know of anyone who has been put through so many challenges yet still showed more concern and compassion for others than herself. One of our last chats was about this life and what comes...
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    If you wear glasses (I do), you can stop the fogging by washing the lens with just soap and water. Then just wipe with a lint free cloth like the one that you get with your glasses or a lint free dish towel. I’ve had pretty good luck with this.
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    Do you think sports are going to start getting cancelled again?

    Boston College just had an outbreak on their swim team. I think it was 13 or 14 so that’s being affected already. Some football has limited fans attending but that has to be pretty strange. What I’d like to know is how they‘re handling season ticket holders - did they do a lottery to...
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    Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

    The last chat that I had with her was September 1st I think. I’ve not been home (helping with my new grandson so I haven’t been on the board for a while). I’ll PM you with her name and private email if you don’t have it already.
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    My Covid-19 story

    My neighbor took His mother out of a nursing home to try to keep her safe. Unfortunately, she must have picked Covid up when she went for dialysis treatment and gave it to her son and his wife who she was living with. She died, her daughter in law had a somewhat mild case, and her son had a...
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    [Admin note: use caution, credit card fraud alleged] C & S Sites -Vendor Referral to OP

    I haven’t been impressed with the blue pills. I just got a new prescription from the pharmacy and I’ll have to check the markings but they’re white, round and I’m sort of ”eh” about them. I still like the MIAs which are available through the site that Todd found for us.
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    Fantastic news from New Hampshire

    Apparently, if you can get an elected official to advocate for YOU, a pain patient, then you just might have a chance to get this absurd abuse of chronic pain patients reversed. New Hampshire not only has passed legislation making it legal (and protected) to treat pain between a doctor and...
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    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    First of all, I too was prescribe Tramadol many years ago because they said it was absolutely not addictive and you had to go through the steps of trying each “lower level” pain med before being prescribed effective medication. It never helped me at all and Since it wasn’t supposed to be...
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    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    Hi All, I’ve been out of action here due to the joy of helping to take care of my first grandson❤️ I do need to catch up on all of the discussions but of course most of you know how near and dear this particular issue is to me. I’ve chosen to live with the pain I’ve had for decades rather than...
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    Forum home page now "What's new"

    Wow! I step away for a couple weeks and look what happened:happy: I think the new look is much brighter looking and has a clean appearance. I need to play around with it all to get myself used to moving around the site.
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    Another victim of the War on Drugs

    @djrick...exactly right! We have a health insurance system not health CARE. When I look at my premium for the private supplemental plan that I have to cover copays and deductibles that Medicare doesn’t cover, the insurance company is making a killing! Medicare negotiates the prices and...