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    Favorite coffee?

    Well, I mostly drink soda. But in terms of coffee usually one of the better K-cups works for me. "The Original Donut Shop", Westrock Meza Morning or East African for examples.
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    Apple releases $549 AirPods Max today

    That's "Beats by Dre" level stupidity there. And like most Apple products almost certainly unrepairable/proprietary chips.
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    Do you donate money?

    I donate some. Street buskers? Definitely. Also animal charities (mostly the ones run by my favorite animal rescue Youtube channels). Recently I contributed to the Gofundme for a bakery I watch on Youtube (Proof bakery) because they are essentially getting kicked out of their current location by...
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    What series have you binge watched lately?

    I like classic British TV series. So Youtube has been delivering "Are You Being Served" and "All Creatures Great and Small".
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    Paying with Paypal

    Paypal, since they are not a bank, do not need to comply with banking rules. So what are the odds they will just hand over anyone who sends money to that account the instant law enforcement sends them something on a police letterhead? I am guessing pretty high. The risk/reward ration is pretty high.
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    Do You Trust Meds From India?

    Meh. It's all about trusted sources. Any location/country can have fakes. Either manufactured there or imported from the same countries you are trying to avoid.
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    What food or dessert do you most look forward to during the holidays?

    Hm. Toss up between a GOOD poundcake (Christmas), or fresh apple pie (Thanksgiving).
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    Vaccine or No?

    As part of my job I have to visit hospital and the occasional government facilities. So it will undoubtedly be required if I want to stay employed. Would take it anyway. The slight risk to myself is worth it for the contribution to herd immunity.
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    Recommend a decent beginner drone with waypoints?

    Would like to use a basic not-to-expensive drone for aerial site surveying. Nothing technical, but more like "tree here, light pole there, swampy area over by the road" sort of work. So it needs a decent battery and the ability to follow more than just a few waypoints. Low-ish frame rate is...
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    Get amoxicillin legally without script from a local store or online

    Actually I would be less concerned personally. Fish can be sensitive animals, they will be very careful what inactive ingredients they use to prevent killing them.
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    What was your first job?

    Just scrolling though this and saw Outofideas response. I found it funny as that is exactly what my response would have been! Making plastic pellets. Later in my life I worked at a plant that used plastic pellets to make parts. Circle of life I guess.
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    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    Personally I suspect my warning email was lost in some spam filter somewhere. It's a long climb back up!
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