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  1. calgal99

    Not new (returning member)

    Welcome back, all of you who have been off/wandering for a while. And yes, please, read through the current Forum Rules to catch up on some changes and other important info.
  2. calgal99

    Vaccine or No?

    @UncleHorace I'm afraid you're pissing up a rope, here. Not every person can take any specific vaccine without a reaction, but very few people have any reaction. Anecdotes ≠ data. All the HCW I know are (or already have) taking the vaccine the first chance they get. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. calgal99


    @Mecha <Report> <Report> <Report> j/k, love!! HNY to you. (And to you as well, dear @pinkflower)
  4. calgal99

    Forum upgraded and changes to reputation scores

    @Admin , I'm (still) using the site on a PC, and while I have accepted the changes (because I really have no choice,) I have noticed that, due to the new format, many fewer replies to comments are being attributed to the original commenter - iow, you have to make an effort to "@" a poster to...
  5. calgal99

    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    I just read about some plans that NY universities (and some others) have recommended, related to kids coming home for the holidays. They recommend 1) a Covid (neg) test) 5 days before leaving their current place; 2) another 5 days of virtually-total quarantine after that; 3) after travel back...
  6. calgal99

    Is another round of worldwide, mail-freezing lockdown coming?

    I've been watching the transit of goods (via various methods) since the start of The Pandemic early this year. With a couple of specific exceptions, the transit of various goods has been only slightly impacted much of the year. There have been some slowdowns in items that used to (typically) get...
  7. calgal99

    Anyone else here being contacted by cell or email by random person selling meds?

    @Gibson, "cheapestmeds" is a legit vendor, they have been around for a long time, and once upon a time their name was accurate, but their prices on many items have really gone way up, especially for trams. They are notorious for sending out email solicitations, just fyi. (And I do believe...
  8. calgal99

    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    (From where you be posting, @Gibson? The last few vids have said "Video unavailable... The uploader has not made this video available in your country." LOL.)
  9. calgal99

    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    I've had such a day! A good friend sent me a link to two (2) covers by a couple of his favorite "metal bands," and I was impressed, so I'm sharing (even tho the bands are not really Alt Rock, lol.)
  10. calgal99

    Band/Artist Of The World V.

    [edit: the "official" video is too creepy, IMO, so I replaced it with this one]
  11. calgal99

    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    Okay, this is totally amazing!! (Actually it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, I laughed for at least 10 minutes straight!) Hope *somebody* enjoys this, lolololol!! [edit: "My libidooooooooo". Dear god, the only thing better would be if I could find a Muppets' version! LOLOL.]
  12. calgal99

    Expiration Dates on meds

    I still have some stuff from our dearly loved/now gone SA vendors, so that would be, what, 3 years or so ago? Keep everything in a cool dark (and locked away) place, quality still perfect.
  13. calgal99

    Do You Trust Meds From India?

    I've had really good luck with my antidepressant (non-benzo) from a couple of places, roughly as cheap as my copays would be if I went to a Dr. here, with less hassle. And I haven't had anything intercepted, although it is possible that customs might just let my stuff in anyway, as it's not...
  14. calgal99

    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    @Hat, @phatboy, try to come onto the site on the first of each month - set a calendar reminder or something. ;)
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