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    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    {Mwah!!!} Love ya, sis!!
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    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    Okay, this is totally amazing!! (Actually it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, I laughed for at least 10 minutes straight!) Hope *somebody* enjoys this, lolololol!! [edit: "My libidooooooooo". Dear god, the only thing better would be if I could find a Muppets' version! LOLOL.]
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    Expiration Dates on meds

    I still have some stuff from our dearly loved/now gone SA vendors, so that would be, what, 3 years or so ago? Keep everything in a cool dark (and locked away) place, quality still perfect.
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    Do You Trust Meds From India?

    I've had really good luck with my antidepressant (non-benzo) from a couple of places, roughly as cheap as my copays would be if I went to a Dr. here, with less hassle. And I haven't had anything intercepted, although it is possible that customs might just let my stuff in anyway, as it's not...
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    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    @Hat, @phatboy, try to come onto the site on the first of each month - set a calendar reminder or something. ;)
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    Coming back to an online community

    @Mecha, bite me! (LOL. J/k, I love you, babe.) :heart: But I seem to still have a residual touch of the "Teacher/Instructor" left somewhere deep down. Truth be told, I often just want to make a totally new post, "RTFI!!!" to some of the newbies, but then I remember that I was once a newbie...
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    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    Okay, one more in tribute to EvH - I always loved this Orbison cover. I really like the psychedelic rock in the beginning.
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    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    Okay, how about this... (bwahahahahaaa!!!) Oh, go on & watch it, it's actually good!!!!!
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    New - bee

    Hi, @Souljam and welcome! Please go spend some time reading the Forum Rules, then browse the many many available topics and weigh in/join in wherever you care to. You'll get to your posting and time here (for reputation points) sooner, atht way (and if you don't know what I mean, Read The Forum...
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    NY Isc news clip

    Hey, @NSnoozer, I think you may have made a post in the wrong thread? (This thread was just about some new(?) activity by customs in NY, not about a specific vendor or item...)
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    What's Your Breakfast Beverage of Choice

    At the suggestion of a good friend, I started adding cacao powder (not cocoa, which is a treated form of the actual cacao beans) to my morning coffee, and it seems to add a real boost to my morning beverage (hot or cold, although for cold/iced coffee, I mix the powder with some warm water in a...
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    I've gone back to the Robert Parker "Spenser" novels for a re-read from book #1. They have held up surprisingly well for a series that started in the early 70's. Reading the whole series is like eating a family-size pack of M&M's, lol. Not much substance, and gets repetitive after a few in a...
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    **New Music Thread** New and Old Alt Rock

    Y'all are pretty rock'roll lately.... howz'about something kind of "pretty"? (I love Tay-tay, LOL.)
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    Drugbuyers (db) members here!

    @PinkDivaa, @Edwardo80,, I think you will find that this Forum has both the best parts of the old (original) DBF, plus little to none of the "iffy" parts of that place. Guys, please go make an intro post at and read through the...
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    Coming back to an online community

    @De Large, sorry, I'm actually laughing (not at you, I swear) right now. Introductions can be posted here: and the main forum threads are located at : You can also find...