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    Has Anyone Had Memory Problems While on Tramadol?

    Yes. Omg yes. I’m in the middle of wding from this wicked med (at least for me). Can’t remember crap. I’m old but never had memory probs. like this. Don’t sleep etc. so anyone considering this med be careful. My 2 cents.
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    Tips re: fracture management

    Hurrying down wood stairs not a smart idea. Trying to get one freaking pair of socks in washer. I went down so fast, I faceplanted. Now I have 2 black eyes, both arms are broken & a cracked rib. Emer. room gave me a cat scan, they swore there was a hematoma bc of the amt of brushing. My...
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    I b/l unless you suffer from insomnia, you can’t understand. I’ve had these problems for a lot of years. For me, it’s tied into RLS. When I took the Tramadol or other opiate, no leg problems & I would sleep. I would hate night time. Tried drinking myself to sleep. Now doctors won’t...
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    Scared to death

    No problem H20. You’re one of my favs. Call. Everything turned out fine.
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    Scared to death

    Thank you, it helps
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    Scared to death

    Anyone with medical backgrounds, well anyone who can help me. My daughter, 37, was married 10 yrs. agp & has 2 10lb. healthy babies. She & hubby divorced & have the most amicable relationship. My daughter met her new husband who had no kids & really wanted one. 3 miscarriages later, actually...
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    RIA transfer?

    I’m having same problems w/mg. The newest, although just inconvenient, is many stores don’t have mg forms sitting out on counter so u can grab a couple, u have to ask 4 1 & fill form rt there. That along w mgs being pulled from stores. Once I made the mistake spelling rec name wrong so I...
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    Tapering/CT off Tramadol

    First, congrats on goin 3 weeks. I can’t make it one week. My problem is sleep. The leg cramps made it impossible to sleep. Leg cramps, rls I don’t know what it is, the difference b/t the two. A friend told me he was put on Effexor which did help with rising his seratonin. Idk if this is...
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    Pp, WU, and MG issues

    New kick in the ***. Drove last night to pick up a mg form so it would be ready early this morning. Guy looked at me like I shot someone, just snarky if that’s a word. Filled it out, went to bank & to mg place early this morning only to be told some1 just came in & took the money grams out...
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    The Song Game...

    While my guitar gently weeps - George Harrison
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    New treatments for arthritic pain

    I did & it actually was a success. I had the bursar lump or whatever the name was, behind the knee & the pain was so bad I couldn’t work, couldn’t do anythg. Idk, this surgeon was great & the recovery was fast. It’s just some of the ridiculous things some doctors say today, pisses me off.
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    New treatments for arthritic pain

    (thx @Gullible. Wish I have read your post earlier. I remember something similar a few years back but definitely goin to give this one a try. So much arthritis thru my body, have had my lt. knee scoped 3 years ago only to be told to count myself lucky by this ass**** doctor that none of the...
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    Trump Approves Opioid Bill to Curb Drug Crisis

    Now I heard or read that Roseanne is being killed off "the Conners" by an opioid overdose. Couldn't care less about her but an opioid overdose....
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    Tramadol Identification

    Spoke w/ Alex & everythg is worked out. Thx for the private messages etc. it definitely helped. Admeds didn't disappoint at least to me. Good luck to everyone waiting.
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    A lil help

    Will do, thx @Denman