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    Forum home page now "What's new"

    PM Link if you see it, Thanks
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    Forum home page now "What's new"

    Site looks great, but senior section seems to be missing
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    Can I get infected from Covid 19?

    Chances of catching COVID-19 by touching a packet is close to zero, nothing to worry:unsure:
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    First Concert......Last Concert

    Forgot to mention the last concert I saw. I went to see Childish Gambino live. That was exciting. :D
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    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    I'm sorry your friend was diagnosed with Cancer. I can't believe the doctor is only providing him with such a small dosage for his pain meds though. If he doesn't have long to live, I don't see why they wouldn't up the dosage at the very least. If anything, maybe he should try a different...
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    Anyone tried ashwagandha?

    Thanks, I'll look into that for sure. :)
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    The Song Game...

    Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
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    My Covid-19 story

    That's great news that it's not Covid-19. Hope she makes a fast and speedy recover over her bladder infection.
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    How different pain meds actually feel

    Oh for sure. That's probably what my problem was, at the time I'm pretty sure it was a really low dosage. I even took more and it was as if it wouldn't touch the pain. But, maybe kidney stones are just too strong to combat against lol.
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    Medstore ( Medstore-Online.IN )

    I only ordered through them a couple times in the past, first order took a while to arrive, but the second order arrived fairly fast. I haven't purchased from them in a while though. My friend has been ordering through them for years with not many problems from what I can see.
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    Miami Experience ?

    Yeah, USPS has been having some issues lately, they've been low on drivers so packages have been arriving even slower. :(
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    The Song Game...

    Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks
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    Are you guys interested in the new consoles coming soon?

    Are you guys interested in getting the new consoles that are coming out soon? The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (and possible Series S console), are expected to drop this holiday season. I would like to get both consoles, but there's no chance that will happen right away. If you could choose...