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Recent content by cris

  1. cris

    Vaccine or No?

    I'm going to wait and see the side effects first. I'm not high on the list to take it. I'm in line behind 268.7 million people across the United States according to this 4 question vaccine tool. Here is another link for Vaccine Allocation.
  2. cris

    Best Thermometer

    @SCED I was looking for a thermometer too. I just ordered the Olangda. Thanks for the recommendation! :)
  3. cris

    Forum upgraded and changes to reputation scores

    I like the look of this ♥ How do I see new posts first when I click on a thread?
  4. cris

    Hello all! New to the group!

    Hi- welcome to the forum :) .
  5. cris

    Been here for 7 years. But "new"

    Hi- thanks for introducing yourself. Nice to meet you!:smile:
  6. cris

    Just joined

    Welcome to the forum! .
  7. cris

    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  8. cris

    What about podcasts?

    If anyone watches Bravo here are a few: Watch What Crappens Andy's Girls Everything Iconic Bitch Sesh - - - Updated - - - Do any of these speak about The Springfield Three case? I'm obsessed with that unsolved case.
  9. cris

    Been lurking...should say hi lol

    @ScaredKat Welcome to the forum! There are many knowledgeable and helpful members in this forum. I think you'll like it here. .
  10. cris

    Zelle Pay (similar to Paypal)

    I've been using Zelle for a few months and like it. My bank wasn't listed but I still can use it.:yes: If someone requests money I get a text message and just go to the App and click send requested money (I'm not sure if that's what it says but something similar). It's easy to use and I like it...
  11. cris

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome back! I hope you can find what you are looking for. The search bar usually helps me. I click to see the search results as posts instead of threads. I find it easier that way.
  12. cris

    Why would buying from USA be shady.

    Did you use the search bar and see if anyone else ordered from them? I'm sure it's a scam so save your money. :cash::cash::cash:
  13. cris

    Hey there

    Hi welcome to PR! I hope you find what you are looking for. The search bar always helps me. When I search I choose see results as posts- I find that view more helpful. :bigsmile:
  14. cris

    Hello Again

  15. cris

    Just saying hello

    Welcome to the forum!
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