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    Anxiety (and Why I HATE Doctors and Self Medicate)

    I really feel for and sympathize with the OP; what they described sounds very similar to my most recent doctor's visit. Terrible experience.
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    Online Trading - Robinhood

    I keep my stuff in a broker account as well. No huge amounts, but just enough to play with without getting into too much trouble.
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    Was just presrcribed propranolol.

    I found propranolol to be fairly effective at reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety...rapid, pounding heart beat, etc. Obviously did nothing directly for the psychological symptoms.
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    Best treatment for social anxiety

    I'll second this; I found Phenibut to be too inconsistent for me. Between trying to nail the timing for when I thought it would kick in, and dealing with the nausea that it gave me, it's one I ultimately decided to pass on.
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    What's the difference between diazepam and etizolam

    Etizolam works exceptionally well in my experience; I don't use it very often though, or any other benzos for that matter, so I have very little tolerance towards it. As mentioned, half life is pretty short.
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    The Song Game...

    "Brighter than Sunshine" by Aqualung. Released in 2003, from the Album "A Lot Like Love- Music from the Motion Picture"
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    What is the COVID-related situation where you are located?

    Small, rural American village in the midwest over here. We seem to be lagging behind the rest of the country and are just now experiencing a small uptick in cases.
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    CBD Oil

    I've considered trying CBD for anxiety relief, but am a little leery at this point; I just get so tired of throwing money after natural remedies that promise you the world, only to be disappointed all the time.
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    Anyone tried ashwagandha?

    Kava Kava did absolutely nothing for me...just numbed my mouth, LOL. As suggested above, may have been a quality issue?
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    I've been reading a lot of books that are political in nature; fitting for today's environment and the election coming up in a couple months I guess.
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    What languages can you speak?

    Cannibalized English (local dialect and verbiage) and a very basic understanding and grasp of Spanish.
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    What series have you binge watched lately?

    Endeavor, Hawaii Five-O, and Pysch. Gotta love Pysch, especially the earlier series. Very funny. And also Monk.
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    Favorite All Time Movies

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I had high hopes for The Hobbit series, but it ended up being a huge let down...very flashy, but poor on the storyline and plot development.
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    what movies made you pee your pants laughing

    Home Alone one and two when I was a kid; made it even more funny when watching with friends and family, and everyone started laughing...then it would just become contagious.
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    Do you think sports are going to start getting cancelled again?

    My prediction is yes, games will be cancelled as the colder winter weather approaches. I'm guessing we'll see a rise in covid cases again.