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    I was given a script by doc for Flexeril

    I've been scripted Flexeril since 2012, and at times, have taken it up to three times daily (the max dose) for pain muscle spasms. It's not a muscle relaxant that has euphoria like Soma, but I think Flexeril is an adequate med for my neck and back pain/muscle spasms. I've never had any adverse...
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    Thanks for all you've shared, @harryirene! Pain's a bitch, that's for sure. I never thought I'd be in this much pain at my age. This is supposed to happen to old people (like late 80s and into the 90s)!! Well, that's what I thought. This winter's been a bad one, not the worst I've had, but...
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    @H20shed65 no, internal med/family doc. That's interesting what you've said - I will share it with my doctor. I felt the same way about doc saying anti-inflammatories couldn't be scripted for me, when I do okay on 800 mg ibuprofen...
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    Best natural anti-inflammatories

    @goofygurl, please share what the good stuff is. :-) I drink tumeric in milk but have no idea which supplements are the best. Brand name(s), please! Thank you. :-)
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    I've been off the forum so I apologize for not responding. Busy with multiple work projects. :) Turns out that I began swelling with meloxicam, so I had to stop taking it. Oh well. @Reese, I take flexeril once a day, before bed. Hydrocodone for break through pain. My physician suggested Aleve...
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    Hello. Glad to be here.

    Welcome to PR @2wilma! You've joined a wonderful group. I've learned quite a bit while I've been here. Good luck with nursing school. I think that's great you're back in school. These days you can have as many careers as you want. Nursing is a great profession.
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    Hi, I'm new. First time to be a member of a forum, ever!

    Welcome to PR! Have fun meeting everyone and joining the conversations. And starting a few, too! This is a great forum and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here.
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    hi, I'm new

    Welcome to PR! Read as much as you can, ask questions, use the search function to find info, and jump right in with both feet. The water feels good! :-) Seriously, this is a great forum. Definitely one of my favorites.
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    I am taking meloxicam for arthritis. I've been taking it for a few months, and while I think it's a good drug, it's not 100%. I take 7.5 mg daily. The pros? I only have to take one pill daily. It's an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It works for a good 10 hours. I'd say the strength is...
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    hi! I'm a newb

    Welcome @nikky! I spend my time reading more than anything, and if you do the same, you'll find plenty of great information. PR's a super place. Definitely a safe place to land. ;-) I used to watch House. Love Hugh Laurie. He played that part very well.
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    hi everyone great to join the forum

    Welcome! You'll meet many nice people here who are very helpful. You'll also get good advice. PR is a fantastic forum, and a great database for info. I spend most of my time reading and enjoy my visits to PR.
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    Seeing a new doctor today after work

    As @alumni and @billyboy said, be honest. I've worked in healthcare and honesty is what counts if you want your doctor to help you. Trust is earned and built over time, but you have to start somewhere. Obviously you are going to be in withdrawals soon and you will need help. I agree that you...
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    Insomnia Sufferers....Please give advice!

    @emerald I have no advice for getting off Ambien, but I am so sorry you're going through this. I had horrible insomnia as a child, teenager, and throughout my 20s. I'm way past those ages now, and can get to sleep far easier. I never took meds to go to sleep, but I probably should have. All...
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    Three major new features coming soon to Pharmacy Reviewer

    @drboris These changes are great! I really like the new medicine review section. Made my first review just a few minutes ago. This will be so helpful for everyone. I search for others' experiences with meds all the time. It's helpful to know what others say. My doctor has me trying new...
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    New medicine reviews section: Help us improve the site by reviewing medicines you have taken

    Can we review drugs that we take which were not purchased from an OP or IOP? Sorry to ask, but I'm not sure. And feeling silly for asking, but I don't want to go against what you're establishing here. I reviewed one of the meds that was listed (and had no reviews), but it's an OTC med available...