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    www.realmedical.email (Formerly oversea2u.biz)

    @FredOnline Ehy would a huge backlog cause it to be seized? I have one in NY and has been there for 14 days. I had counted it out until I checked 17 track and today day 14 it may have moved through. You would think they would be pushing this crap through due to alll the delays....I mean I would...
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    [Admin note: use caution, credit card fraud alleged] C & S Sites -Vendor Referral to OP

    C&S Are they around? I used to shop with them yrs ago. I never had a problem even when the postman left the meds...they were supossed to be COD. C&S kinda freaked out cause I sent them a non post office check but they were able to cash it. I’m going to try and find them again. I was never...
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    UK people don’t even know how lucky they are to be able to order from this site. I was so excited to see ambien. The last time I was fully awake was 10 yrs ago when I was able to obtain them. IDK why it makes me completely awake the next day. I was a much more productive person back then. But...
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    farmaciasdelnino.mx/ mexipharmacy.mx

    Cause the soma sucked? They must have removed it. Didn’t see it a month ago and still do not see it. My tram’s from Mexico sucked too but that was yrs ago. I was hoping the quality had improved.
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    farmaciasdelnino.mx/ mexipharmacy.mx

    I ordered from them about 5 years ago and the tram was fake. But not the fault of the pharmacy....maybe they had a little active ingredient but not much. Back then they had a diff payment system. I never saw soma though and still don’t. Are you sure you saw it listed? I was going to order some...
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