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    Down again as I was getting ready to see if they carried what I need but I think I'll see how this shakes out with all the up/down stuff
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    How long did it take you to find a reliable vendor/iop for your meds?

    This! I remember when I first joined that the first vendor I tried was top rated, a big group and had decent prices & quality dhc. Then they suddenly closed up shop, mass chaos, panic in the forums. It was such a sticky mess. After that, I learned not to expect anything, especially a good...
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    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    Do replies on threads count as posts or do we have to have to start a thread? (Honestly it's been a few years, so I can't remember!)
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    ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Sort Facility Question

    Just out of curiosity did it get 1 or 2 check points in LA before it stopped updating? I had one check in, check out and nothing else is why I ask
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    We're back, with a new name. This is why we had to change our domain name.

    That's when you come up with an inventive way to tell people who you are, or that's what I think I did because @Binky and @H20shed figured me out pretty quickly. Now two people here know my secret behind my screen name...AAAHHHHHAAAHHHHHHH
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    I really need a good doctor right now

    @Purrsephone So what your experiencing is pretty normal in the world of spine pain problems. Holy moley the amount of cogs in the wheel before I got in pain management had my head spinning and I remember posting here once in a very confused post asking what I should do, which Dr I should try...
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    Big Brother

    I liked him because he was a Cardinals player mostly. He played a poor game and deserved to be sent packing - no doubt. But he was entertaining and feeds were good with him there. Sort of like how I feel about Zach. I don't want him gone because feeds will be worse than they already are.
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    Parcel comes to me opened... completely. Scared sh*tless. Please help

    @bhayes bulk mailers is when a person is doing a lot of mailing and buys in bulk from wholesale companies to get them for pennies instead of paying store prices. They are usually flimsy, made cheaply, with poor glue. It's just referring to the envelopes, boxes, poly bags, whatever your stuff...
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    Big Brother

    If you have feeds - Aug 8 - 9:51 pm cam 3 Zach & Frankie are fighting which then spills into Frankie's reveal and an hour or so later Zach gets really entertaining with his comments. He's not kissing Grande's butts LOL
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    Parcel comes to me opened... completely. Scared sh*tless. Please help

    Remember that bulk mailers don't look slit when they fall open but the fact that the inner contents were slit open in the same manner suggests it wasn't a bulk mailer issue either. I wouldn't worry about it until you have a reason to worry about it. If there is something being photographed or...
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    Big Brother

    In case you all have missed it...Cody came up behind Chris doing dishes and wrapped his arms around her and I guess swung her around. They've also been laying on top of each other in HOH room & camera pans to her wedding photo then them but her hubby has been tweeting again tonight
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    Big Brother

    I have feeds and lurk on Jokers, Twitter, and a Big Brother 16 group on FB. I couldn't stand Will in the house so I don't watch a lot of his Youtube's but the few I've caught are funny. Caleb is so arrogant, but he's desperate for fame. Have you seen his Youtube channel? Tons of video's of...
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    My Family is Not a Good Family

    A good % of the happy families you see are probably hiding things they don't show. Unfortunately, your probably going to be in this alone until the end if no one is coming forth or has for a few years to offer assistance. My FIL was left alone by everyone for around 15 years. When we came...
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    Parcel comes to me opened... completely. Scared sh*tless. Please help

    Was the envelope damaged at all like it had been through a machine? I've gotten one from a well reputable vendor that I was shocked as hell delivered. It had been through a machine sorter of some kind that tore the envelope up and sometimes to be honest, if your buying your mailers in bulk...
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    Big Brother

    Well this is interesting the new HOH's are trying to work together but these two are not friends anymore. I really, really, really hope this Zach/Nicole alliance pans out. I'm also convinced the only reason the Ahole producers even bothered telling us about one of them coming back in the game...