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    Lyrica and physical addiction: tolerance breaks with GABA drugs

    Wow. I was considering trying Lyrica. I have taken Gabapentin as needed but it gives me brain fog. It definitely helps my nerve issues but I can't take it if I am working or driving. I act drunk on 300mg. I also fear weight gain- heard rumors that Gabapentin causes weight gain and thought...
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    Hi Everyone. I come with the saddest news i have ever shared....please be kind :Heart:

    So sorry for your loss. This is a great reminder for all of us to stop the hate and start uniting. I needed this reminder and will be a better spouse /parent this week. We are very good at complaining about inconveniences but we forget how fortunate we may be. All the best as you process your loss.
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    Drug Test - Tramadol (Ultram)?

    I had a regular drug test and it did not show. I think it depends on which test they use. I would just stop a week out if worried. Withdrawal is worth it. Figure people are suffering through worse illness that can't be fixed with a pill. We can make it one week.
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    Vaccine or No?

    I will be getting it immediately. I tried to volunteer for trials. I am willing to take the risk to better the world.
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    Tramadol to antidepressants... what are the possibilities?

    I am very interested in your story because I am in the same boat. I have tried Zoloft and Paxil with no effect. Someone on here suggested cymbalta but my GP just moved and I am nervous about new docs. I wouldn't come clean to your doc though. It will go in your record and the next time you get...
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    Tram no more?

    Try a us to us. More expensive though. Try cutting dose down. I have found that I can maintain my dose by changing it up every few days. I once took 300mg and was so high that I never want to be there again. I take it for depression and have control issues so do not like being high. I also...
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    What is the COVID-related situation where you are located?

    At least in the US, we need to get healthy. This disease is hard on obese people and they are more likely to die than others. I read articles about young healthy people dying of COVID. But then you look at their photo and they are obese. Obesity is epidemic in the US and is one of the reasons we...
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    What languages can you speak?

    I speak English and embarrassed about it. I work with a lot of international folks and all speak several languages. I have met so many who moved to the states with minimal English schooling and they are fluent in a year. I have studied two languages (one was an intense 18 month job but it was...
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    Pro soma = no soma

    Sitting all day causes my back pain to return. I take half of a 500mg soma because it does make me drowsy if I take the full dose. I take about half a pill 3-4 days a week. If I take a low dose (.5 mg) of K with it, it works well enough without a ton of drowsiness so I can actually get my work...
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    Tramadol use - Employment UDS- rapid 10panel

    Could poppy seed bagels really cause a false positive? I have heard this before but thought you would have to eat bags of poppy seeds. Very curious.
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    Just got 2nd Love Letter for Tramadol in 6 months...I'm afraid to open it

    I would be a mess if questioned and forget all this great advice. After reading some recent posts, I better practice. I think I would cry (no judgement, please!) but make it seem like I didn't know why they were there. If a cop showed up at my door questioning me about a crime, say burglary, I...
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    Changing from Tramadol

    I tried Zoloft and Paxil. Had a bad reaction to Zoloft (burning esophagus so went off it cold turkey after two years of being on it). No issues since tram took over and has changed my life. I just tried Paxil earlier this year but didn't like weight gain. Plus I don't think it worked well for...
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    Pro soma = no soma

    I have used both for back issues. I take half of a 500mg and I agree one works better than other. I mix them up so I don't really know which is which (psychological reasons). I suck them so they work faster and they taste the same. I do get sleepy but am unable to actually sleep. So annoying...
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    I agree that I have not experienced any euphoria with this med.