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  1. evertking

    Chipping with Suboxone

    Could not agree with you more.... Right on
  2. evertking


    Anyone know if this med really causes weight gain?
  3. evertking

    Anyone use gabapentin for depression

    I have had luck with it but keep hearing stuff about withdrawal. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. evertking

    Suboxone for pain

    Anyone receive suboxone for pain?
  5. evertking

    What is the best antibiotics for dental problems

    Got an impacted 🦷
  6. evertking

    Covid 19's effect of buying meds online

    How has the virus effected mail and vendors?
  7. evertking

    Think the site looks awsome

    Wouldn't change a thing... but the lapsed part needs work
  8. evertking

    Hello again

    It's me again!!
  9. evertking

    Happy New year

    Happy New year new people!!
  10. evertking

    Building a computer

    How hard is it to build a computer??
  11. evertking


    This site is reliable as taxes... Not much to choose from but if you need gabapentin, this is the place.
  12. evertking

    Happy New Year

    Happy New year everyone... May all your dreams come true
  13. evertking


    Anyone else in here a photographer?
  14. evertking

    The walking dead

    Anyone else like the walking dead??
  15. evertking

    New movies

    Can anyone recommend any new movies on netflix?
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