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    Covid 19 & Chloroquine Trump Says Possible Cure & Preventive !

    This is stone-age old but not only does he denounce his medical experts ((has anyone seen Dr Fauci in any recent press conference), worse still he repeats stuff said on Fox like a parrot. And hardcore Trump fans will still vote for him even after the scandal where tapes showed up from early...
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    Do You Trust Meds From India?

    I would never order from India. Firsyly it would be i tercepted anyway and secondly I am biased and think these vendors mainly sell bathtub meds whivh may contain God knows what
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    Not actually a bug I cant give helpfuls or access the desktop version of the site from tablet

    That actually did it. Still a shame I can no longer access the desktop version of the site. I liked the "cleaner" look. But thanks, at least one helpful response in 3 (4?) days ;). Ok make that 2 :P
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    Not actually a bug I cant give helpfuls or access the desktop version of the site from tablet

    At first I thought the function had been removed until I received one today. Neither can I switch to the desktop version of the site like I used to on my tablet (android 9). I only see the like button. Is this a bug? I myself only see the "like" button....
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    Lapsed Senior member.

    Whew, I thought the forum had Covid-19 for a heartbeat ;)
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    New member looking for guidance

    First you will have to undergo the rite of passage, which includes - but is in no way limited to - prostating yourself before his majesty @H20shed65. After that you have to recite all the canticles of faith, all of which you will be given by Lord H20 himself - only after you received his...
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    When You Know You're Depression Will Limit You

    @Nancy3980: It is not uncommon for people suffering from mental disorders to get psychosomatic symptoms on top of that. So I would not so casually dismiss what your doctor wrote. But as I like to say: "If you don't trust your doctor it's the wrong doctor for you". But just to give an example: I...
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    For those of you that remember

    thanks @drboris: Please check your PMs. It is very important before I can deploy news on the source I have unveiled
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    New domain name, server moved and made more secure

    I dont know if Germany was the best choice for hosting the new website considering that Germany collaborates with the NSA. But on a sidenote; Could you please heal my lapsed senior member syndrome @drboris @Kelly [MENTION=24674]. I would much appreciate it and heard it was done for others as...
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    A little observation (well, it could be a complaint to be more accurate) about the rules

    Yea, although I am feeling you. My pleas to lift the lapsed syndrome have remained unanswered which forces me to write meaningless posts such as this just to get rid off the status.
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    When You Know You're Depression Will Limit You

    I know these days. It is a sad thing that the only thing that keeps you going is the thought of the pain you would inflict on others. While I don't advocate self medicaton ketamine is highly effective in treating depression (45 min until onset) and actually a regular prescription drug. Maybe...
  12. fatalframe anyone used it before?

    I would never trust some online pharmacy noone has ever heard of that is sending from South Africa. There is only one pharmacy from that region that I trust and sadly it is forbidden to mention it here
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    For those of you that remember

    That would indeed be much appreciated *sob+ but the last post from @drboris was more than 2 weeks ago. Maybe he is on vaca. I also want it lifted as I want to share a source and not sure I am allowed to in the open area. So have patience. If need be I will just write 25 more meaningless posts...
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    For those of you that remember

    yea I also read that I could basically just write gibberish and the "ban" would be lifted. Itˋs just that I definetly remember reading that ppl above a certain rep point threshold would not have to suffer through lapsed senior member status if they ever "lapsed" as they had proven to be valuable...