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    How to delete a private message?

    You just click the leave button above the message, then a pop up window asks you if you want to accept future message in that thread if they happen. Basically you can leave the convo from your end so it will delete from your list, but it won't of course delete for the other person. If you...
  2. FTLsloth

    Anxiety treated with non benzo meds?

    Just wanted to mention phenibut can be extremely hard getting off of for a lot of people, easily just as hard as a benzo and in similar ways. For the herbal stuff I have used skullcap, jamaican dogwood, mulungu bark, milky oats and california poppy among others. For pharma, besides benzos...
  3. FTLsloth

    Cold Weather Asthma?

    Here's an article with some good info that may help: cold-induced asthma
  4. FTLsloth

    FDA Approves Opioid Overdose Antidote Narcan For OTC Sale

    @jaders yes it will send you immediately into full withdrawal. The narcan horror stories you hear about where people are screaming and freaking out after it being administered is due to that. So immediate sweats, runny nose and horrendous body pain everywhere, etc, depending on your level of...
  5. FTLsloth

    Fake LL.

    @DeltaGee Sadly, yes they are. Sorry you got scammed!
  6. FTLsloth

    So what happened?!?!?

    Pro tip for people who want to look at twitter but don't want to have to make an account: just change the twitter.com part to nitter.net and you can look at any link without the popup happening saying you have to join to continue. Once using nitter.net anything you click will open in nitter so...
  7. FTLsloth

    Five Letters Game II

    R O G E R Real Ogres Get Easily Riled O G R E S (or) R I L E D (haven't looked at this thread in a while and glad to see Roger is alive and well!)
  8. FTLsloth

    Fake LL.

    My understanding of that whole incident was that it wasn't an extortion scam, but a scam some online places were pulling where instead of your package they would just send that letter and then go "oh well no reships!" Also the letters weren't the CBP love letters we all think of. These were FDA...
  9. FTLsloth

    Apple releases $549 AirPods Max today

    I also could never pay that, but I did spend way more than 4 on the ones i do have. I got the MPOW BH432A kind. I was mostly looking for active noise cancelling though. I'll use them for audio too and they're amazing, but the noise cancelling is very good and I use them all the time just for...
  10. FTLsloth

    Fentanyl vaccine may have been discovered, researchers say

    Saw a thread on reddit about this and lots of emt's and anesthesiologists were saying this would be a total nightmare for them as fentanyl is so often used and considered much safer than alternatives, especially for anesthesia. I do like the science of pinpointing fentanyl specifically. I...
  11. FTLsloth

    FDA Approves Opioid Overdose Antidote Narcan For OTC Sale

    Definitely a step in the right direction, though it will be too cost prohibitive for folks who may need it most. I read that at walgreens the injectable kind is 130usd for 2 doses and the spray kind is 37usd for one. That of course is without insurance, but I know a lot of people either don't...
  12. FTLsloth

    Concerned about someone following me?

    I would guess some variation of spammer/scammer/bot? Looks like the account is gone already so likely got flagged.
  13. FTLsloth

    Coinbase alternative

    Cashapp is probably the easiest to use for most people. Kraken is a good alt though a slight bit more learning curve. Binance is also an easy alternative with low fees. Remember to always send to your private wallet prior to sending to vendor to help avoid having your account locked/closed.
  14. FTLsloth

    So what's for dinner?

    Oh no worries, I didn't mean i would be looking for a recipe from you! I meant i would do some internetting to find a recipe with similar ingredients. I love fish curries so much!
  15. FTLsloth

    So what's for dinner?

    omg salivating!! Sounds super delicious and will be looking for a recipe.
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