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    Any gaming fans here?

    Yes. I was playing game since childhood till now (30s). But as you grow older not much time can be put into gaming due to day job and commitment to family. But, but gaming still fun. I still can control myself and not fall into addictive lifestyle of gaming.
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    Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC Gaming?

    i play both, i mean console and PC gaming. I choose Playstation for console due to lots of exclusive title and for PC Gaming i am more into online stuff like CSgo and Dota.
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    The Walking Dead Season Seven

    Did anyone watched the latest episode. I am also a big fan of the walking dead. I bought all the comics and also watched all the season. I only hope the zombie can be more advance like super strength, but that was like resident evil LOL.
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    Virtual Reality technology- are you using it, tried it, what do you think?

    The idea of VR is great. So many things can be modified and we can really go deep into it as the technology evolve. I just want to see the VR can be done into more freely movement like assassin creed movies, right now all the wire attached and all that could be so hard to move around.
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    Apple or Android???

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i personally think, Android is good for smartphone and Apple is great for tablet. I have both, i love to use android as smartphone due to more function and more capability to customize rather than iphone. But for best browsing experience, i love to use...
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    Cut out porn form your life

    Yes i do agree porn is addicted.... someday you frontal lobe seems cannot bear between reality and fantasy. The thing is limit it for yourself. Sometimes we tried to avoid it, but the nature in your body, feeling like to see something that trigger your sexual desire. If you already married, you...
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    What`s the last film you watched ?

    What was the last movie you saw
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    What kind of sports do you do?

    Hello, I have a question about the way to ask what sport someone enjoys. Which do you use more often, "What sport do you play" or "What sport do you do?"
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    Thanks guys :)
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    My favorite poem

    My favorite poem is "Just a Minute" by Benjamin E Mays!
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    Anybody reading?

    I'm still reading Elizabeth I: A Novel which is long, so when I need a break, I am also reading short stories in Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro.
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    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum. My name is Frank have 30 years and I come from Chicago. I just joined here because I found it interesting. Hope to have a good time here
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