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    DHC vs vicodin

    It's interesting to read this thread, for several reasons. The first being that there is now a single entity version of Hydrocodone called Zohydro. The second reason is that where I live (I'd rather not disclose my location exactly, but it's a state that recently put into law a little something...
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    IOP List

    What gets me about IOP is the MacroMass fellow seeming to be such an active member of their forum over there and seemingly being shown respect, where as all I've read here is that Macro is a scam artist. I've actually heard that from more than one person/place, but seeing so many people vouch...
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    IOP List

    That board is absolutely scam central. That being said, there have absolutely been vendors selling heroin through the mail over the years. Not just the SilkRoad types either, I personally received some of those little pellets as samples years back, back when a little hell hole of a forum called...
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    Do you ever take pain meds from a different doctor?

    I'm not sure where you are from, but in where I'm at, there's a record base now. If you get caught even attempting to accept pain medication from a different doctor, that's a wrap. You will get no pain medication from any doctor. Ever. If you get pain medication, and they call you in for a pill...
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    I should apologize for that post, it would appear my sarcasm was misplaced and I was out of line. I sincerely apologize if anyone's opinion was swayed by it.
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    Do Benzos Make You Hungry??

    Benzos are what turned Eminem from the rap god into the fat god. Although it was like 50-60 Valium plus 20-30 Vicodin a day along with a few handfuls of Ambien a night to top it off so not a typical case.
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    Really helpful

    I love it. You know, for all the negative stereotypes thrown the way of folks knee deep in the drug scene, every drug forum I've ever been a member of has been very helpful and respectful and rarely do I see flame wars. The only exception is that shit RateTheSource forum from way back in the...
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    Buying drugs back in the day

    Ugh. Reading all this just ****s my day up. :)
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    Deepweb marketplaces likely to be driven "underground"

    Is it looked down upon to go through and "like" every post of a thread? I'm wanting to do that, as there is a lot of good information here and it really condenses the entire situation into something my ADHD riddled self can understand.
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    Seasonal affective disorder: could you spot the signs?

    I too suffer from SAD. I think a lot of it is just the fact that my work slows down in the winter, so I'm sitting inside a lot and that makes my back hurt so much, not to mention the cold's effects on my joints. I'm always in pain and that alone makes me depressed. It seems like I'm always being...
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    Best natural anti-inflammatories

    I've been swalloning a teaspoon of mustard every day for a few days now, upon the recommendation of a family member. I seem to be feeling a bit better, but I chalk that up to the placebo effect. It would be nice if it works though. I'll keep doing it, and I'll keep you good folks informed.
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    New requirements to access the Senior Members' area

    Ah, thank you. It would appear I have about 10 rep points to go. I guess I'll just have to keep posting and hopefully someone finds my posts to be helpful/useful! Thanks btw, I'd have never found my rep statistics on my own.
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    Hey all!

    Welcome. You'll find that this site is filled with very polite, understanding and compassionate people who genuinely want to help you so long as you are willing to help others, and help yourself. This is one of the few forums I frequent in which you don't find any posts filled with hate and...
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    weather-related pain

    I've had sunstroke once in the past, and ever since then (and I'm not sure if it's mental or physical), I cannot handle working in the summer heat when it has even a mid range level of humidity. I LOVE working in the winter, but I hate the fact that everything hurts so damn much every single...
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    Big Pharma presses US to quash cheap drug production in India

    I have a family member who is prescribed Percocet. In the last month alone, the price of his prescription DOUBLED. A bit over three hundred dollars now. For generic...I remember when that type of money would buy you the actual brand name product...