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    Seveere and Chronic Back Pain

    Try acupuncture, it seems to help me and I have back problems
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    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    Yes, lets look at the data, I think I hear people saying that. But which data? I think we look at deaths per year vs an average recent year for the illness. Now we come to a second problem; what was a covid hospitalization and what was a non covid hospitalization. We apply the same standards to...
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    Tapering/CT off Tramadol

    I have used it and its relaxing but it cancels out the effect I get from my medical mj so I quit using it. But many people say it helps them sleep, helps with pain and so on. Its totally legal here you can order it online
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    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    Click on the doctor that sara22 provided and get a different point of view than that pushed on you by the media. Politicians are not doctors and they are making the decisions
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    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    Sorry Zenak but the experts are not all in agreement on this. Speaking of how governments respond, did you know that sweden has had no lockdowns nor rules about wearing masks? They have a lower rate than the rest of europe which has many lockdowns and rules. Funny how that is. Also their overall...
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    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    This will be an unpopular opinion but I think the covid is mostly a scam. Its not nearly as dangerous as they say. I say go ahead with the celebrations unless your dictator governor says no. Then do it anyway, ha ha ha By the way, the "scientists" and doctors are not in agreement on masks...
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    Checking in at healthcare facilities

    Speaking of the patriot act, a misnamed law if there ever was one, I heard it expired in june of this year and has not been renewed. That is good news for sure. But if sleepy joe gets in, it will be reinstated without a doubt and made even more evil
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    I'm not in the U.S. are international packages getting lost or just taking longer to arrive?

    I sent some herbs to a friend in spain last week and they arrived this week. So a little longer but not much
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    Tapering/CT off Tramadol

    Have you tried cbd? Its legal and sold over the counter in usa
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    12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

    Maskell, that is a very good article. The sheep who believe the msm will not like reading it but its true. Not just him but thousands of doctors have said the same thing. The tv doctor, mr fauci, loves to spread fear porn. He has a vested interest in a vaccine and has a financial reason to talk...
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    Vaccine or No?

    Jaders, that article is full of falsehoods and propaganda. It incorrectly states for one thing, that biden won the election. He has not won and likely will not. That is just for starters. Also it says trump claimed all the credit for the vaccine, I see nothing where he personally claimed credit...
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    Osteo-Arthritis What works for you?

    What is an ibu? I have taken bromelain, have not noticed much if any benefit for arthritis. What dose do you take? Ultrasound has worked well for me, generally 5 minutes helps a lot or maybe 10 or 15 mins with 5 mins in each area if its bad. Its better than taking a drug.
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    Vaccine or No?

    @pythagorean, posting a site which claims another site is biased hardly proves anything. Do you like npr better? Ok now tell me how they are right wing lol "Sixteen African nations are battling outbreaks of what's called "vaccine-derived polio." This is a form of polio that stems from the oral...
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    Anyone else here being contacted by cell or email by random person selling meds?

    I get the occasional email and block them. I may get phone calls but I don't know because I never answer unless I'm expecting a call. I get about a dozen a day
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    Meds and dementia

    Stay at your present level until you feel more comfortable then cut it by about 5 or 10% and stay at that for a while etc. Like with the ashton method