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    If you take no other action ever---TAKE THIS ONE!

    Done. How can they possibly think that this bill will help with anything other than doctors prescribing less opioids because it increases their already high workload. Unbelievable. We all know drugs can and will be obtained illegally whether it be from someone’s legitimate prescription or street...
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    Neurontin is a miracle drug for opiate W/Ds!!

    It is definitely a shitty time for those of us that rely on IOP’s :(
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    Tramadol - the pill that won't let me go

    @creewillow - Yes! Thank you! It is a struggle but I ordered more Kratom capsules and am hoping for the best. I cannot choke down the powder either and unfortunately I searched my house high and low to see if I had any leftover Tram while the wd’s were at their worst and of course I found some...
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    Tramadol - the pill that won't let me go

    Agreed 100%, it’s much cheaper too although I worry about the taper. Just one more reason I wish I would’ve never found the damn drug (tram) in the first place. I just can’t get the Kratom to work but I think I’m looking for a magic pill to help when that mindset got me here in the first place...
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    Tramadol - the pill that won't let me go

    Well first dose of Kratom didn’t go down so well, I just mixed it with hot water and chugged, I was almost done with it and gagged so I sucked up a bunch of the stuff in my lungs. Ugh that was friggin’ awful. Wish me luck for the next 6 weeks!
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    Tramadol - the pill that won't let me go

    You’ve given me so much hope, today was my last day on tram, I’m trying the Kratom method to help. I really hope it works for me like it did for you. Thank you for sharing!
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    Kratom use

    Thank you for sharing @cattyclaw. I purchased some for the exact same reason but I’m concerned it won’t help the wd’s bc when I tried to take an opiate to help with the T wd it did nothing at all. I just need to summon the will power but damn it’s so hard. ???? - - - Updated - - -
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    Does Anyone Think That The Covid19 Will Slow Down Production Of Meds To Us?

    The price gouging going on right now is ridiculous too. I can’t even afford to place an order ????
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    NY Customs - Recent Experiences?

    I had a letter from India pop up on USPS tracking on 1/28 and no updates until today. I even emailed customer service and they told me it was still in India. Funny how it showed up in NY customs a half hour after they emailed me back!! 'em or hate 'em we're stuck with them!
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    100mg Indian Tram tablets, scored and unmarked?

    @subrosa it's definitely the taste! It's that sweet taste you get when taking ibuprofen. My stomach feels a lot better though so I think I'm ok. Thanks for your answer!
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    100mg Indian Tram tablets, scored and unmarked?

    Does anyone else think these taste like ibuprofen? I've been taking them for a couple weeks and the last few doses have tasted like ibuprofen. I've had a really bad stomachache since I noticed the taste but I don't think these would be made with ibuprofen. If so, I hope I don't have an ulcer!
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    Anyone else with Chronic Pain withdrawing/tapering tram?

    I am currently on day 5 post tram. I've been substituting one drug for another though but now it's time to face the music. Sigh ? I also have an order coming from an IOP and am currently kicking myself for even placing it! Vicious cycle! I wish you all luck in the struggle!
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    Something that helps with restless leg from withdrawal

    I've found that promethazine is a lifesaver during wd's!
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    Infuriated, absolutely infuriated about Tramadol being scheduled.

    I never even thought about that, so is the brand drug ultram scheduled? Sorry, not very knowledgeable on the scheduling's.