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    Seveere and Chronic Back Pain

    Hi, Is it advisable to use a Chiropractor for Osteoarthritis in the spine, or can they cause more damage? Have had two sessions and almost suffered a seizure caused by the pain after the second session. Kind Regards Lewis
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    On a mission!

    Hi All, Been some time since I posted so thought it was time to get back in to the fray. We have been keeping our heads down (and masks on) in our attempt to avoid this awful Pandemic, so far so good. My main reason for posting is to say that I have embarked on a crusade to reduce my...
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the pleasure dome.
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    LYRICA/PREGABALIN for pain and depression.

    Hi, Long time no speak, hope you are well. as well as you can be with your pain probs. Many differing reports on this med so hope to get some original feedback that will be useful to both of us. Regards Lewis
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    LYRICA/PREGABALIN for pain and depression.

    HI, I've been prescribed LYRICA/PREGABALIN for pain and depression. Does anybody have any experience or advice please. Regards Lewis
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    FLURAZEPAM Anybody used this or know anything about it, ADVICE PLEASE

    Hi Guys, I would be grateful for any information about this insomnia medication, it may have another name in the US? Regards Lewis
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    Please Share Pictures

    Hi, Thought I would try and re-join the fray as I have been absent for a while and don't want to fall out of compliance. We have been traveling since my wife retired as well, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand next, phew. Nature in the raw, from 10 metres, scary. Regards
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    Hi, Managed to stay out of hospital and the meds have cleared most of it up, still feeling week, but managed a short walk today (it really saps the strength from you) My days of being 'up' and dancing all night are long gone, 'it takes me all night to do what I used to do all night' lol...
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    Hi Danie, Feeling a lot better thank you, left me feeling a bit weak but no more lung butter ughh. Hope you and Rick are well. Regards Lewis
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    How quick can you get here? lol
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    Feeling better today, thanks.
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    Thanks @djrick, Sputum and X ray results tomorrow, possible admission then, complicated circumstances. Thanks for the heads up. Regards
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    Hi All, I have just been diagnosed with Pneumonia and prescribed a high dose of Prednisolone 6 x 5mg each morning along with Doxycycline. Anybody had this Diagnoses and/or prescription previously? Hello to all the old gang and new members. Regards
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    Random funny pictures

    I want to feel young, like a puppy.
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    The Merry Christmas Thread!

    My NEW box of Antidepressants has arrived and I feel better already.