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  1. jaders

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    There are so many reports of missed scans that often it won’t scan again until it gets delivered. However, until it DOES scan somewhere new, (or get delivered) sadly I wouldn’t say you’re completely out of the woods, as I had one a year ago that said all of that same stuff with Jamaica but...
  2. jaders

    ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Sort Facility Question

    I have had like 5 orders “stolen” thru LA about 3 years ago when they got so tight. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it now. I’m amazed you’ve done ok there.
  3. jaders

    Getting started in PM advice.

    I have zero advice to give you, but I sure look forward to hearing about how this goes? I would think any place advertising that they’re “opioid based” would draw way too much attention from the fascists? 😏
  4. jaders

    ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Sort Facility Question

    That really isn’t terribly uncommon with the weather and reduced flights. I’ve seen several reports of month long opps, depending on country of origin. But have you been receiving all your orders thru LA without a hitch? Is so you’re a miracle-worker! Can’t wait to hear about your latest...
  5. jaders

    Less participants

    They had to change the domain due to homeland security “takeover.” Went from “com” to “co.” Moved it to a safer location and its been going ever since.
  6. jaders

    Covid Vaccine: Who’s had it? [Mod's note: post only if you've had the vaccine]

    They will have to keep giving boosters as long as it’s spreading like this, and this rapid spread makes for further variants, from my understanding. The key is to get as many folks actually vaccinated so that it isn’t traveling so fast. Plus o do figure if you’re vaxxed and you get a...
  7. jaders

    Do you boycott anything?

    I do so agree with you that everyone should have to witness what they’re participating in with the meat and dairy industry. I eat very little meat just exactly because of this inhumane treatment. I too am not against eating meat that’s been raised humanely or caught/hunted in the wild, but...
  8. jaders

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    So happy to hear this! However I don’t believe that getting a projected delivery date is meaningful in any way. Other folks may know more about this tho… Yours goes to show how the scanning just isn’t consistent any longer. 🤔 I tell ya folks, there’s a lot less stress if one doesn’t track...
  9. jaders


    Wow! Geez I hope this guy and his jail gets nailed hard! Talk about making covid political!! ☹️
  10. jaders


    Actually I’ve been hearing that the monoclonal thing isn’t very effective on omicron. If you’re vaxxed and boosted the omicron variant seems very mild for most. Before with delta I can’t say I knew anyone personally who had it but with omicron I now know several folks who’ve gotten it. No one...
  11. jaders

    Chicago Customs - Recent Experiences?

    Not sure I’d do that. I guess you could call and if it looks suspicious, say you weren’t even expecting anything? Depending on how badly I needed it, I’d be tempted to let it go, myself. It sounds a bit “hinky.” Someone here will know more than me for sure… Was it shipped with a private...
  12. jaders

    How to get on Sub?

    And now since you were on methadone, you probably have little chance of finding a pain management clinic that would actually help you? Hope you can find enough “self help” at this point. For what you were spending at that ‘done clinic, I would think you can…👍
  13. jaders

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    So I’m a little confused. You definitely got both packs delivered? And both thru NY? And you mentioned three orders - one was a mistake. That one made it thru too obviously…🤔 The tracking is so inaccurate or nonexistent lately. I don’t mind as long as it makes it. 😜
  14. jaders

    Will there ever be an OTC Withdrawal medication that actually works?

    Holy crap! Your story sure exemplifies PERFECTLY this attitude that addicts are scum and we throw them a few crumbs here or there IF they jump thru a gazillion hoops. For what you were paying, you could buy your own heroin just about and not have to answer to anyone. If ANYONE in their right...
  15. jaders


    Well respectfully, while I can understand why you might want it around, I still don’t believe the powers that be would ignore a medicine that would save lives just because it’s “out of patent.” Maybe I’m naive, but I still like to believe that doctors truly do have a desire to heal, and not...
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