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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Yes! Once it says something like “in transit to the next facility” or any variation on that you’ve made it past customs.
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    Insurance or no insurance?

    Absolutely! If it wasn’t tied to employment a whole LOT of folks would retire earlier which actually helps the younger work force. It’s just ridiculous our whole system. Again, Obamacare added all of the preventive stuff for no cost too, which is another no brainer since it actually LOWERS...
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    Vaccine or No?

    I think Pfizer said they took NO governmental money for this despite this administration’s claim to the contrary...
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    Fantastic news from New Hampshire

    Part of the bill included expanding treatment dramatically based on the cost savings from not going to court or jail, so yes there will definitely be more money available for treatment to those without insurance. And Medicaid DOES cover some forms of drug rehab altho I think it’s limited to...
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    So much fun at Planned Parenthood: Vasectomy

    You’re brave and responsible! Thanks for all of that... hope you heal well and quickly!!
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    Vaccine or No?

    Well. Look at it this way. The folks who get it will be protected and the ones who won’t are obviously more likely to get the virus, thus culling a number of them - funny how that “survival is the fittest” thing actually works... ;)
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    New MD to treat anxiety

    could you just quit seeing psych docs altogether and just get the med from your pcp instead? Then he wouldn’t be overriding anyone?
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    New MD to treat anxiety

    Yes it’s extremely frustrating that doctors have so much power. That’s a HUGE reason I hate even going to the doctor. It’s like they’re these parents who know what’s best for us and we’re little children who have to be told what to do. I’m lucky I have a pretty good primary care provider but I...
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    New MD to treat anxiety

    Tell this MD that you have no desire to taper further at this time, and you aren't comfortable even being forced to taper at all. Even if you do continue with it, do it without them knowing - then YOU taper on your own schedule! That way you can keep reserves when needed. I still don't...
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    New MD to treat anxiety

    Why are they even forcing you to taper at all? The cdc came out with new guidelines just a year or two back saying patients shouldn’t be tapered at all against their will. This is in reference to opioids but certainly translates to benzos as well? What aholes! The reason this forum exists is...
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    Insurance or no insurance?

    well that’s the whole point of insurance - to cover the unexpected catastrophe. It’s such a joke that we keep getting completely screwed by Heath insurance companies. I laugh when folks say they don’t want government coming between them and their doctor. Health insurance companies come between...
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    Vaccine or No?

    If she went to the hospital sick, they should’ve tested her for covid? How would they not? And this idea that they get more federal funding so they’re inflating the numbers - there is just no evidence for that. Talk to someone who actually is WORKING with COVID patients. Most hospitals are...
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    Australia/New Zealand pain meds

    As long as god provides the meds, we'll get along... ;)
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    NY Isc news clip

    Good advice!! :LOL:
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    Family Thanksgiving this year?

    Personally if you see how completely exploded this virus is all around the country, and what the CDC recommends- I would skip this year. We’re not too far away from an effective vaccine hopefully. It just seems like the price can be very high for a single day event that you can easily have in...