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  1. JAMMY B

    Supposed Tramadol 100 mg pill

    There used to be a time when trams were that cheap people never bothered to fake them because it would actually cost more to fake then the real thing,I have been taking Tramadol for 10 years of many different vendors and have never come across these before I would be very careful if I was u
  2. JAMMY B

    Hi Everyone. I come with the saddest news i have ever shared....please be kind :Heart:

    @grannyof2boys deepest sympathy’s stay strong ❤️
  3. JAMMY B

    Pandemic problems

    same with mine my order took 36 days it usually takes around 9 days xx
  4. JAMMY B

    Which tracking platform

    Thank you very much @Sling Man
  5. JAMMY B

    Which tracking platform

    Hi guys can someone recommend a good tracking platform something similar to 17track ????????
  6. JAMMY B

    Help with losing weight and drug contradictions

    I have put on quite abit of weight since I suffered a slipped disc last year I have gone from 9stone to 11 stone,I can’t really exercise because of my severe back pains so have been looking towards weight loss tablets but I need something that won’t contaract with tramadol and morphine any help...
  7. JAMMY B

    www.pillsbrothers.is / (formerly Pillsbrothers.cc / pillsbrothers.com)

    Have placed a small order fingers crossed all runs smoothly ??
  8. JAMMY B

    Can someone help me understand extended release morphine

    Thanks for your reply im on oramorph 10ml four times a day as well that's why I wanted to know roughly how they work ie is it constantly releasing or does it release a bit every four hours etc xx
  9. JAMMY B

    Can someone help me understand extended release morphine

    Thanks for the reply it's 1 10mg tablet every 12 hours so I just wanted to know how much was been released and how often if that makes sense xx
  10. JAMMY B

    Can someone help me understand extended release morphine

    I was recently precribed oramorph instant release 10mg every four hours due to experiencing excruciating sciatica pain but was having no relief from it what so ever so now my doctor has precribed me with morphine extended release 10mg one to be taken every 12 hours now I know how it works, but...
  11. JAMMY B

    Where can I share my new source?

    @DocBrown it is allowed as long as they dont sell controlled drugs as that is only allowed in the senior section also may i suggest you look around the pr forum to make sure there is not a thread already on your vendor xx
  12. JAMMY B

    Herniated disc s1 pain relief

    @Doc Rogue I will do ,thanks for your advise and time xx
  13. JAMMY B

    Herniated disc s1 pain relief

    Yes I do have along history of drug abuse the amount of times I have lied to the doctor to get what I want,I don't blame him for not precribing anything to me to be honest,maybe I should start looking for another doctor but then I will probably have the same issues with them,I haven't got the...
  14. JAMMY B

    Herniated disc s1 pain relief

    Thankyou x - - - Updated - - - Yes I have a appointment Thursday with my nerosurgeon so hopefully I will get somewhere with him,and the shooting pain you describe down your leg is what I'm suffering from and as each day passes it's getting alot worse
  15. JAMMY B

    Herniated disc s1 pain relief

    *bump ;)...........
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