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    Anyone else dog on Viagara for Pulmonary hypertension?

    Okay I will ask next time I see the vet. I never really thought about it before. She is very small though, only 8 pounds so Im not sure it may stay with her while.
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    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    That all sounds very painful. I am sorry to hear. I just got a 2 week supply again with one refill- it's so crazy. I get that about every 3 or 4 months. I mean it's just not worth it.
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    Post Requirement Every 90 Days to Retain Senior Status/Access

    I think I have made the required number of posts not to be any more lapsed. But i can't for the life of me figure out how to apply to get back in. How does one do that? I can't even find the forum. Is it automatic or must one apply to it. Thanks.
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    I certainly plan to peruse this thread. The only thing is that with Covid, and all the politics going on and the state of the USA, I can barely concentrate, not on TV and not on books. I long for the days when I can go back to reading!
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    What is the COVID-related situation where you are located?

    I am in Georgia. We have the worst govenor, Governor Brian Kemp, in the United States. He has the loosest restrictions of every State even though we are 5th in the nation for cases, and we have half the population of NY, 1/4 the population of California and 1/3 the population of Texas. Per...
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    Mornings are the Worst

    I wish I were the morning type! The other problem is that by the time I get a little energy. like to make important errand type phone calls, it is already 5 PM and they are closed! Then I say I'll do it tomorrow, but then I never get to it.
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    What languages can you speak?

    wow that sounds good. It would be good to find native speakers to practice with. What exactly is the name of the website? I may want to go and see about trying something like that. At least you would be social distancing!!!
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    Anyone else dog on Viagara for Pulmonary hypertension?

    I'm not sure, they said it is used as treatment for Pulmonary hypertension. They never mentioned Cialis. She takes it twice a day though, morning and evening. I have to cut the pills in half.
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    Mornings are the Worst

    I am the same 100% I don't feel alive until around 1PM. I used to like the early mornings though. I am not sure when it changed. And now I wake up so much at night that it just takes me forever to get going so I feel ya!!!
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    Band/Artist Of The World V.

    I love that! The Gordon LIghtfoot. It is actually very soothing . I've been getting really hyped up over the terrible news these days and can't sleep. I'v been looking for more relaxing music that hard rock that I like! You know who is also great is Glen Campbell and John Denver.
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    Sick of docs forcing us to do what we do

    That is the hard part as this doctor is such a pain in my ass. But at least if I have this actual prescription I should be fine. I did watched Border Patrol and that scared me, lol. some lady had no script. You can't go thru customs like that. Not that, as a person with a US passport, I'm going...
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    Tramadol use - Employment UDS- rapid 10panel

    I am not sure about the poppy seeds but I have read this. And there really is no other explanation. I did not take morphine or codeine. so what was it showing up? There is no way that I took these meds. I also thought maybe the tramadol I took from overseas had these things in them, but I did...
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    Information on mail order pharmacies for pet meds?

    I do like This place has good prices, but the service is excellent. I also get the dogs special medical food there. I paid $35 I think for a year of their club, and that actually covers 10% off so the $98 dog food I am getting for $86. also the prices on the pills are good as...
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    Anyone else dog on Viagara for Pulmonary hypertension?

    I at least found a GoodRX coupon for this stuff. I was about to order it overseas. Now at least it isnt that expensive. My dog has a terrible history. She was in some kind of backyard breeding place and had no vet care for her first 8 years. It seems she had heart worms, which actually die off...
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    New here and excited!

    HI, well it is quite a place, a bit of this and a bit of that. I like the this, the that not so much. But welcome! have fun and pay attention. Bye