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    Thats a lot of zannies

    https://abc13 dot com/xanax-fulshear-arrest-police-drug-illegal-drugs-texas-pills-found-suspects/7198812/
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    The Funnies

    Amazing how accurate this is ..... yep I was always in the back!
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    Items removed from package at local Post office

    It has/was been reported to the appropriate people. Guess we will see if they take the bait. 🤷‍♂️
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    Finally Figured out Bitcoin

    Yes it is a regular ATM (Gas station, Dollar store .. ect..) that can dispense money or you can purchase BTC with your Debit card. Their app will show you where the closet ATM's that have the LibertyX option in your area.
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    Finally Figured out Bitcoin

    I have been using ATM's that have the LibertyX as an option. I used to have to drive 2-3 hours to a BTC kiosk ... now I am 10 minutes away! Even CVS in some areas is an option.
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    I'm not in the U.S. are international packages getting lost or just taking longer to arrive?

    A lot of it is luck .... I waited 80+ days for one that finally arrived... and now waiting for a late July ... but I have had 2 deliveries in August that were both received in 7 days .... every one of these were from the same vendor! Go figure? :wondering:
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Got my reship in 7 days!
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    Random funny pictures

    I have never done heroin ... but I can relate! ;)
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    Random funny pictures

    Never thought about that .... just may be true!
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Sorry to hear yours got snatched also. August 5.
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Just got an LL for a package. JFK Jamaica. :cry: Kind of a similar item but item listed was technically something I never use? :unsure:
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    CBD Oil

    Since what I take for anxiety is getting harder and harder to get .... this has sparked my interest and thinking about getting and trying this. A friend of mine uses Tommy Chongs Good Vibes in the morning and Sweet Dreams at night and swears by it. But I have been told there are cheaper...
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    UPS Mail Box Address

    I still like the idea in another thread that was mentioned to send a identical package with fake product ... but have ink dye pack instead that would explode when he opened the product that he lifted! :)