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  1. K

    New member What's up?

    Hello, new member (with great taste in music) oh yes you can’t get much better than a bit of trance.... hope you find what your looking for here
  2. K

    www.thepharmacyexpress.bz (2018 - 2019 Thread)

    So it turned out something was wrong with my email address, as I used a different email address and have made my order with no problems at all... just waiting on delivery now.... so pleased it was a fault at my end.
  3. K

    www.thepharmacyexpress.bz (2018 - 2019 Thread)

    Great advice but no reply in the spam folder! Its all a little frustrating and slightly odd as I can see that other people are ordering and I have ordered before!
  4. K

    www.pillsbrothers.is / (formerly Pillsbrothers.cc / pillsbrothers.com)

    Made another order with them 10 days ago and I have just received it to the UK today. I have said it before but they really are my favorite vendor out there. And now I have qualified for a discount - dont know how to redeem it though!!!... but Im sure I will work it out.
  5. K

    What was your favorite book at a child?

    My love of reading started out after I read Charlotte's Web when I was about 10. I dont know who else of you has read it but its a great book and so moving. I so remember crying and crying when I had finished reading it, because it was really sad but also because it was over. The best kids...
  6. K

    Seroquel For Sleep - Experiences please..

    Thank you for that, it was really helpful. I did try some and yes your right it really gets me to sleep. I have to take it at 8pm though otherwise I am tired into the next day. But I can handle a few army nights if it means I’m going to sleep through the night.
  7. K

    IndianPharmaOnline Feedbacks

    I made an order with these guys.... the shipping was really fast and no problems getting through customs, however the order I got from them does not work, sad to say.... I don’t know about anyone else’s experience with them but what I have is fake... just wanted to let you know...
  8. K

    Hello. It's nice to finally find a judgment free zone.

    Hello and welcome. I think k you will like it on here. Lots of information out there and everyone is so friendly and welcoming
  9. K

    Found you yesterday!

    Hello and welcome, I think you will like it here, really informative and everyone is really friendly and nice.
  10. K


    So, I made an order from them, I received a phone call straight after I ordered confirming my payment and received the goods really quickly. However, sadly I think the order I made with them are fakes. I’m going to try again one more time and will write to them to let them know (who knows if...
  11. K

    What series have you binge watched lately?

    Im binge-watching Mad Men at the moment, I know its a bit old and I totally came into it late but I totally love it. Also binged watched Ozark. Just love Netflix, they have such good programs. Am just waiting for Stranger Things to come back, thats definately going to be the next binge watch.
  12. K


    Hi, I just wanted to see if anybody had used this op before? They look cheaper than some other places I have looked at, and the normal place I go to is not answering my emails, maybe they have gone down im not too sure. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  13. K

    What are you watching on NETFLIX!?

    I know its a bit old but I have completely become obsessed with Mad Men. I just can not stop watching them back to back... Im on season 5 already and only 2 more seasons to go. Is there anything similar to watch afterwards as I think I might get withdrawals! - - - Updated - - - Absolutely...
  14. K

    what are you reading

    I absolutely love reading too, I have just finished the road by cormac mccarthy, oh he is such a great writer. Its very dark and bleak but such a page turner.
  15. K

    Brandmedicines.com (not to be confused with brand-medicines.com)

    Every time I look on their site its down for maintenance. Have anybody had any luck with them recently? I really want to make an order with them.
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