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    What series have you binge watched lately?

    I have been watching Cheers episodes. The older comedy series still holds up.
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    Halloween movies?

    Halloween Nightmare on Elm Street Frankenstein
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    What was your favorite book at a child?

    This is an old thread by my favorite book growing up was Cat in the Hat.
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    I finished a book that was written by the daughter of the BTK killer about what life was like growing up for her. Pretty interesting how this guy was able to live two different lives for such a long time.
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    Do you think sports are going to start getting cancelled again?

    I think Virginia-Virginia Tech was the only college football game that got cancelled yesterday.
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    What is your vice?

    Sugar free energy drinks. I know all of these energy drinks are bad but it's good when you didn't get much sleep.
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    What series have you binge watched lately?

    I've been watching episodes of My 600 pound life. It's inspiring to see people make changes to get their life back.
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    Do you think sports are going to start getting cancelled again?

    Baseball has two weeks left in the regular season so it looks like they will make it to the end.
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    Children of the 70s & 80s

    In the 70's and early eighties I and every kid on my block played football, basketball and baseball. It seems kids today are more into video games than playing sports.
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    I'm an introvert so it was nice at home initially but I would like to go into the office at least once a week to get more human contact.
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    Different effects depending on Manufacturer?

    I've taken zolpidem from different manufacturers and never noticed a difference. When I took xanax for two years there was a gador brand I think that was stronger than others.
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    First LL Letter

    I've had one in 9 years. Nothing happened and I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Today I helped my wellness by....

    I walked up and down the stairs of my condo for five minutes. Short intense workout when it's raining outside.
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    Favorite Sandwich

    Ham and Swiss cheese with mayo on ciabatta bread.
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    So what's for dinner?

    Broccoli and rice with cheese sauce and salsa on top. A keto ice cream bar for dessert.