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    Delta on the rise in the US, Lambda displacing Delta in South America

    My sister-in-law is currently on a ventilaor in an ICU in Georgia. She was an ardent anti-vax/max person. I'm so sad. Before her condition deteriorated to where it is now, I was MAD that she put herself in this position. Now, I'm sad and scared. She has custody of her Grandson who has mental...
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    Wow! Proposed N Carolina law wants ALL of your prescription records

    Florida has had this registry for quite a while, at least for scheduled drugs. I was shocked when my doctor pulled it up in front of me. It feels wrong and invasive to me.
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    What Documentaries Have You Watched Lately?

    I watched the CNN documentary about 9/11 recently and thought it was very good. The idea that it started out as a documentary about the probationary period of a new FDNY recruit made it all the more compelling.
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    Do you eat meat?

    I eat some animal protein and try not to think about where it comes from. Sorry, not sorry. I'm not passing judgements on what you eat, how you live or who you love and I'm always blindsided by people who think that's ok.
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    Covid Vaccine: Who’s had it? [Mod's note: post only if you've had the vaccine]

    I will probably get the booster jab. Not due until December if I apply the eight month parameter. My brand was Moderna and I felt crummy for about 36 hours after, but it was not a big deal. The fact that fully vaccinated people are getting sick scares me. I'm fully a senior with a history of...
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    Cash back CCs

    I just got the new CITI cashback, 5% for your most used category and $200 bonus for using it for $750 in the first 90 days. I am using it exclusively for groceries and after 5 weeks I have almost reached the $750. I don't carry a balance so interest rates are of no consequence, but I think they...
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    So what's for dinner?

    I get into cooking ruts! Something gets into the rotation and then we eat it too much. Our current summertime go to meal is grilled chicken and Caesar salad. I try different marinades and seasonings for the chicken, but it's basically the same meal at least twice a week. I don't tolerate red...
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    Benzo alternative

    Sad state of affairs that we have to scheme and dream to get relief.
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    How much?

    Yikes, I've never heard of such a thing. The whole process already feel sketchy to me, tipping would be crossing a line I'm not willing to go over.
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    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Tillamook Malted Moo is my favorite but I can't surrently eat it because I am having severe stomach issues. So sad.
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    LF: Pain Management Doctor around Pittsburg area

    It's getting harder and harder. I was recently in the hospital and was released with a paltry sum of pain meds that were supposed to get me through the next week. Very sad state of affairs.
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    Stockpiling meds

    Still trying to get a stockpile going but find myself unable. I must be weak. If I have it, I take it.
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    Favourite Ice Cream?

    Tillamook brand Malted Moo Shake is my current favorite. Ben and Jerry's Pistachio is also a fav and I buy it when the local grocery store puts it on BOGO!
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    Favorite coffee?

    My favorite is Dunkin. I buy the coffee and and make it at home and try to limit going to the drive thru to a couple of times a week.
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    2 trips to ER

    Severe lower left pain sent me to the ER a few years ago and after a CT scan I was told I have diverticulitis. I was on IV antibiotics for five days followed by two weeks of oral antibiotics. I hope you find a resolution to your pain, there's nothing worse than GI pain.
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