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  1. Molly W

    Alcohol Dependence and getting Sober

    @blngblng http://www.helpguide.org/mental/alcohol_abuse_alcoholism_help_treatment_prevention.htm some useful tips interetingly the debate alcohol use/ mental disorder- in the DSM 5 Alcohol Use Disorder is a mental illness.. make of that what you will!
  2. Molly W


    very well thanks clc caroline! the mindulness has been a big help!
  3. Molly W


    Mindfulness as treatment for anxiety- effective or pseudo psychology? Thoughts, comments, stories? For those of you who don't know the practice: "Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga. It helps us become more aware...
  4. Molly W

    Hi, I'm new. First time to be a member of a forum, ever!

    welcome @thekid1426...glad you're excited to be here and hope you find the info you need. If not one of the lovely bunch around here will help I'm sure :)
  5. Molly W

    I haven't slept for 24 hours now and feel bored and slightly insane

    thanks guys for your tips....I find once it gets past, say, 3am and I'm not asleep (unless been out on the town) it's just not going to happen and I might as well get up and make the best of it Thankfully did get to sleep Sunday about 4pm after many, many downloaded films from itunes :)
  6. Molly W

    I haven't slept for 24 hours now and feel bored and slightly insane

    i downloaded loads of films on itunes n watched them all night!
  7. Molly W


    I have used etiz for some time now and I agree that the anxiolytic effects seem to persevere over time; when I have been prescribed nitraz or valium after a few weeks doesn't matter how much you up your dose I find I still feel anxious after been using a while. However you do tend to rapidly...
  8. Molly W

    Feeling Like I'm Losing bits and pieces of my childhood

    this quote always helps me when feeling nostalgic for things or people I have lost-but you need to read all the way through, it is Lionel Shriver "I don't know why it is, he began, but for some reason everything we have and everything we make is gradually taken away from us. Your life is an...
  9. Molly W

    I haven't slept for 24 hours now and feel bored and slightly insane

    Hey everyone...title explains all...please respond with some cheery advice or alternatively something to keep me entertained... @H20shed65 @COSGringo @The Evil Wil Wheaton @WoundedHealer...if you are online as you appear to be please chip in! Also anyone else who doesn't display their...
  10. Molly W

    Feeling Like I'm Losing bits and pieces of my childhood

    tell me about it...all the celebrities I remember from childhood are involved in nasty sex abuse cases now- Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Freddy Starr. Gary Glitter....makes me feel horrible that I watched them on tv even, god bless their poor victims
  11. Molly W

    long time lurker

    ah...a lurker who has taken the plunge. After my own heart. make some VL friends and post interesting stuff. At least as you have been a long time lurker we know you know the house rules...welcome :)
  12. Molly W

    Saturday Night Losers Club

    talk about boring saturday nights....I have been awake since 5am yesterday (Sat for those in different time zones!) it is now 6.00 in the morning Sunday- I have spent all night downloading crappy films on itunes that I have already seen :confused: maybe I need the insomnia page...
  13. Molly W


    I would remind them of patient choice and person centred planning policy in mental health...which means you are supposed to be fully involved in your treatment. Good luck and hope you get what you need
  14. Molly W

    To New Members and Users Needing to Find Sources for X products

    @Lewis Freaky...I got my first LL in November threatening me with magistrates court? This happen to you too? Crackdown on the Brits! hope you are well and don't worry too much, nothing happened yet and I doubt it will Mx
  15. Molly W

    narcotics anonymous-thoughts or experiences?

    well, if nothing else I have achieved the first step...I admit am powerless over drugs and my life has become unmanageable..surely this would suggest that I may have some hope of achieving the others? don't write me off yet dude! Also most of the meeting I or friends have attended include active...
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