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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    i had one just do that too. maybe they've started saving time by not scanning? it's aggravating being in opps so long but maybe that's the new normal. i have had a ridiculous number of political mailers too, so i assume they've been really under the gun with a heavy load of mail. such waste...
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    Osteo-Arthritis What works for you?

    @Frank Leigh , knees are so hard and relief is impossible. nothing seems to get down to the bone. i've tried everything otc abd prescription gels too. walking helped for a time, buti have a bad hip now so walking is out. i used an ultrasound maching to heal a foot fracture, so let us know if...
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    Hi Everyone. I come with the saddest news i have ever shared....please be kind :Heart:

    you will be in my thoughts, @grannyof2boys . i just hope you can find solace in your family. right now you must be so full of shock and grief. please don't despair. i'm just sorry to hear this and i wish you peace.
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    Going in for cancer surgery tomorrow - bladder

    i'm glad you're feeling better, @Gullible. i know you must be feeling stressed, but i hope things keep going well.
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    Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

    through the years we have lost friends from pr and it's always hard. karuna showed us how to face adversity with courage and kindness. she was never bitter and always looked for the positive in the worst situations. she was a gift to us. i hope she and her husband have found peace. reading...
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    Opiod induced constipation :) yepp totally talking about it

    i'm a big fan of miralax. yes, i know it's supposed to be a nasty chemical, but i take it twice a week and it works wonderfully. my doc gave me a sample of a med specifically designed for opioid induced constipation, movantik. however, it's an opioid antagonist and has occasionally put...
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    Tramadol has taken ten years of my life.

    so @Zara have you tried a higher dose of tram to see if your heart stops racing? i'm just wondering if it is the tram rather than anxiety. you've gone down and your body should be adjusting at this point. also, if you look at the ashton manual for getting off benzos, the reduction is really...
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    Forum upgraded and changes to reputation scores

    i use a kindle fire. i looked on my laptop and the type is normal, but since i use the kindle for browsing, the type's off-putting. i don't know how anyone reads on phones!
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    Support for Mira

    i was thinking of mira today because i had to make an appointment to pick up a book at the library. my library has been closed since march and now we can only go to pick up a book after scheduling an appointment. anyway, when it was open, i always noticed four or five shelves full of star trek...
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    Forum upgraded and changes to reputation scores

    so i use a kindle most of the time and the type is pretty small. is there a way to enlarge it for the forum? i already use a large font in general. (yes, i know i can enlarge a post by hand but that messes up the entire format). that's my biggest complaint, but i'll see if it's any bigger on...
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    Postal Service Changes Could Delay Mail And Deliveries

    hopefully a new admin will revamp the post office. as @MRNUTTY said, it's a voter suppression tactic. my last ebay package spent six days sitting in the po next town over and i paid for two day delivery. @karuna, we always get delivery 5-6 pm. i guess someone has to be last, but it's so...
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    How different pain meds actually feel

    as i've gotten older, i judge pain meds on how they deal with pain. i also have ulcer issues, so am constantly fighting with that. nsaids are pretty much the devil, so it's a constant fight over what my stomach can handle and relief, and, of course, side effects. i do recommend miralax...
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    Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

    @karuna, you still have joy. you have found light in darkness and i'm so happy to hear about it. i hope your days continue to be filled with happiness. all we have is one day at a time.
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    i just read the adventures of roderick langham. i thought it was a contemporary of doyle and it has a few holmes/watson stories. the first story took me aback as it included the cthulhu mythos-maybe doyle read lovecraft? after watson did something out of character, though, i checked the...
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    i ordered some vitamin d, two day shipping, but took seven. my son ordered a controller, same thing. i feel bad for the ebay sellers who pay for two day shipping and want good reviews. could this mean less staffing for seizures? hope so.