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  1. Paichka

    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    Thank you. I am glad I helped you. It is just hard to find time these days. You know - life. :rolleyes: I do pop in and always post when I make an order but that is about the only time anymore. Life will calm down eventually and I will have more time. *fingers crossed*
  2. Paichka

    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    I don't come around much anymore. I am so very sorry to hear about your wife and your health. I have seen Shed post once in a while so I guess he does what I do. Be well.
  3. Paichka

    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    I am happy you are back. Admittedly, I don't come around here that much anymore though I do miss the fun of the old days. :sad:
  4. Paichka

    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    I did try to email billboy several times but never got a reply. So sad. - - - Updated - - - I am around, off and on. Where were you? :)
  5. Paichka

    Reputation Points

    Says the King of Gold Stars. I would STILL like to know what you did for those! :giggle:
  6. Paichka

    Herniated disc s1 pain relief

    Many doctors are very reluctant to write opiates for patients with abuse histories. That is one of the side effects of the war on opiates. I had a bulging disk almost 5 years ago. It came on suddenly after a long car trip. The herniation was at the L5-S1 and was huge. I ended up having surgery...
  7. Paichka

    What Made You Frown Today?

    Just about everything made me frown today. It is one of those weeks. *sigh*
  8. Paichka

    Slightly unintentional tapering

    The increased anxiety, grumpiness, and paranoia are signs of benzo withdrawal and with all you were taking, you are going to suffer withdrawal and possibly a seizure, if you stop all together. A taper with Valium is probably what a doctor would advise and would devise a taper plan for you around...
  9. Paichka

    Will & Grace 2.0

    I enjoyed it very much. Sitcoms are really not my thing, but there were some LOL one-liners, which was what Will & Grace did so well back in the day.
  10. Paichka

    How the War on Drugs Is Hurting Chronic Pain Patients

    I came across this interesting article recently and thought some here might appreciate what it has to say. My live-in pharmacist talks about how these things go full circle. Hopefully, the involvement of doctors in protesting the crackdowns will help make it easier for chronic pain patients. I...
  11. Paichka

    What`s the last film you watched ?

    "A Man Called Ove" - Swedish with subtitles - very, very good but I liked the book better. The casting was spot on.
  12. Paichka

    Trump and Twitter

    After what happened last Saturday in Charlottesville, I have been amazed and appalled at the "news" being reported by the right. I suppose if Trump says something or Fox News says something or a meme on Facebook says something, it is 100% true. NOT! I am a Virginian, I lived in Charlottesville...
  13. Paichka

    Warning: Fentanyl OD

    I can't pretend to know the causes of the opiate epidemic in the US. It is complicated and many different factors are involved. I do know that the reaction by our government will probably not help. It seems the government's reaction to anything is always to ban and publicize the dangers of the...
  14. Paichka

    Online prescription writing - legit?

    @AndSoItGoes, @alumni is correct. If a doctor has an established relationship with a patient, a doctor can write refills and use electronic prescribing (if the doctor has the software.) This is quickly becoming the preferred method for C-II meds as it is not possible to forge an electronic...
  15. Paichka

    Online prescription writing - legit?

    Teleconferencing for medical care is growing by leaps and bounds in the US. It is great for many things - colds, flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, etc. If they can't diagnose adequately without a physical exam, they will send you for an office visit. I believe, but am not positive, that are...
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