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    What are your experiences with drug testing by Pdocs for benzos?

    @Chancer i like the morphine and oxy combo as well cuz i noticed that if u got real pain, morphine might just cut quite a bit deeper than oxy, at least in my experience and my lower back pain... and then the breakthrough doses of oxy help a lot with that fast quick relief and to kinda add some...
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    How to Find new doctor to refill my pain meds?

    @RunRunRiver im completely black balled by the system honestly cuz i just did all of my medicines myself and told them to fuck off literally i can't have anyone oppressing me like that from the ground up. i lost a lot from all the pain and injury over a course of 14 years because it left me...
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    i hope nothing about this post is against the rules i just wanted to put my view and my actions into perspective
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    i completely understand you and respect your opinion... i agree about the dumb political game, its nonsensical. im not gonna say i took ivermectin cuz of overwhelming evidence.. i took it cuz a healthcare worker recommended it to me, including my japanese chiropractor, and I wanted to throw...
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    Can Doctors see all prescriptions u fill?

    i hate that they do this in the us now... i mean it was out of control before but its just another extreme now..
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    What Documentaries Have You Watched Lately?

    i watched this moonshining liquor documentary in the appalachian mountains.. pretty trippy..
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    Chinese hgh

    oh yea i saw this and thought i'd post.. it clears customs no problems every time..
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    Kidney failure possibly from "too much" Fioricet use

    damn that seems intense.. fiorcet never worked for me and made me feel really weird and uncomfortable... hope everything is well!!!
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    New requirements to access the Senior Members' area

    motivational post for everyone to get back up right here.... you will get there lol
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    Question? I’ve spent over $3500 for tram and most are fake! Help!

    damn i've had some similar ones before i believe.. and sometimes they'd be red inside and sometimes white.. but they did work
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    What's your reason for buying meds online?

    even the good docs can't even help you if your in pain now. they're gonna risk they're liscences offa any little bs
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    i got ivermectin privately from a medical provider that spotted me til i had time to order/recive.. thought it worked great. n that was after a chiropractor told me to get it as well.. so 2 healthcare professionals advised me. just throwing all of that out there
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    What is your vice?

    caffeine and weed.. thats like my baseline. so small but such a big deal to start the day and do wrork
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    Is this a brand Carisoprodol/Soma?

    i totally agree man, i've gotten good and bad stuff from different places as well... most of my experiences though, overall in the last 12+ years, have been positive and i've gotten trams from india, mexico, us, southern europe, n further east.. same as benzos.. great post!!
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