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  1. Publius

    Tadalafil pills feedback.

    Have used several batches of Tadacip over the years, used to get it from a source in the Far East recommended here a good number of years ago, but can't remember now. I stopped using for about 2-3 years due to some other health issues I had to deal with. Now I'm back in good health again, and...
  2. Publius

    New Member

    Welcome @Moab... I have also learned a lot since joining some time ago...read a lot of the stickies, use the search function, and pretty soon you will have some good guidance on the areas that interest you... All best to you... Publius :)
  3. Publius

    HI from Texas

    sadly, yes indeed, indeed... Publius :(
  4. Publius

    A question for those with more knowledge of Tramadol than me

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but studies have shown that about 10% of folks have absolutely no reaction to tramadol at all, there's something in their basic body chemistry that evidently inhibits the drug from acting. I had very mild relief with using small doses of trams in the...
  5. Publius

    Had a tram seizure

    After reading this thread I flushed my remaining tram down the toilet... I was using it semi-regularly, when back pain became too severe to do daily duties well... Maybe 1/3 to half the days in the month... But I just don't want to get to daily usage and have the drug get more appealing and...
  6. Publius

    Opioid Distribution Networks and DEA strategies past 15 yrs

    And here is a followup article... It includes interesting map on where the most prescriptions were issued (southeast Colorado seems to be a hotspot...wierd) In any case it names many distributor firms, all whom declined to be interviewed...
  7. Publius

    Opioid Distribution Networks and DEA strategies past 15 yrs

    Outstanding in-depth investigative article, detailing DEA enforcement actions re opioids last 15 yrs or so... Evidently enforcement has actually declined the last several years...
  8. Publius


    @Nurseeducater @petite I alternated Tadacip and Tadalista regularly for a time (changed every week), and could really not notice any difference Of course there could occasionally be bad batches of either, so YMMV, but so far for me both have been good. I have never tried tadalift or Forzest...
  9. Publius


    Absolutely correct @Nurseeducater, I somehow transposed the shapes in my mind when writing the post... Publius (embarrrassed)
  10. Publius

    Package being sent to wrong address

    There seems to be no rhyme nor reason with USPS sorting/routing I live in a medium sized midwest city, and after my letters clear New York ISC, I have had them go either directly to my local post office, or routed through three other completely different midwest cities, though never Chicago...
  11. Publius

    General advice to stay safe

    @Sassypat Thanks for the empathy...I am under care of urologist, but the approach when attack starts is always wait a month to see if it passes naturally before he will intervene surgically, so he writes me V* script for 20 as needed (attacks every other or third day for a month or so then) ...
  12. Publius


    I use both tadalista and tadacip with success... The tadacip are much easier to split though, since they are oval...(the tadalista are tear-shaped like regular cialis) Publius :)
  13. Publius

    General advice to stay safe

    This may be a very useful thread... Up till now, Ive only ordered ED and sched IV PK meds, but I have a real need to get a backup supply of some much more serious PK things because of recurrent kidney stones and serious back pain issues. I gather from my general reading and this thread I am...
  14. Publius

    Jefferson man arrested after controlled delivery.

    @Artknowsme @seasidaisy @Charlie_roger It would really help if you shared the name of the vendor you used (without link) with the rest of us, either here or in the vendor thread(s).. (assuming vendor is not a senior-section vendor?) The pattern that seems to be emerging is there is...
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