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I had suspected liver failure and a cerebral haemorrhage in 2014 and was in hospital for two months. Amongst the many prescription medications I take is one for anti-craving - alcohol (although I have to jump through several hoops to get this and the only way to be sure of getting this is to import from a reliable IOP).

That said, I am actually in fairly good health considering, pretty fit and exercise a lot. The consultants at the hospital couldn't believe I made such a 'remarkable clinical recovery'. Guess I'm just lucky. - Follow up 10th May 2016 - major review with gastroenterologist and it seems that the recent test results have showed a continued remarkable recovery, that there is virtually no damage showing now.

I'm 50, semi retired (worked hard when I was younger), British and usually easy going. A dry sense of humour, which I have to keep in check, because it doesn't always work on forums.

Married, no kids, plus my best friend - Molly the dog.

I hold in Amateur radio licence
Nothing at the moment, but not in reciept of government handouts either.


It makes me smile when someone reports my posts. As we British say, when you're taking flak, you know you're over the target.
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