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  1. RHGB

    New Employer - Access to medical records?

    You were doing so well, until you brought your personal politics into it.
  2. RHGB

    New Employer - Access to medical records?

    I would tell them company, no. In fact I did. I was with a top 50 international company and there was a group of us that were in lower middle management. Senior management had regular health checks and we were told (a bit different to being offered) that we were going to be given free medicals -...
  3. RHGB

    New Employer - Access to medical records?

    HIPAA is American and has nothing to do with the UK. 'HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. In the United States of America, all handlers of medical and health information are legally required to comply with this act. This is not a requirement in the...
  4. RHGB

    Drug testing labs for diazepam strength

    I know of a lab that will tell you what is in the pill, anonymously, but I've not heard of one that tests the strength, or not for free anyway.
  5. RHGB

    Moderators getting sick of cleaning up threads in this section! There is no "freedom of speech" here!

    Oh, totally radical dude. If you want to keep away from this stuff, there is a nice fluffy 'post a a pic' of your animal section, but not here.
  6. RHGB

    Petition for Trump to be banned from visiting UK! petition forces MP's to debate in house of commons

    Trump state visit: Downing Street rejects cancellation calls http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38788388 Quelle surprise.
  7. RHGB

    Petition for Trump to be banned from visiting UK! petition forces MP's to debate in house of commons

    I wish people who don't understand the system would refrain from commenting, especially the thread starter. "Parliament will consider this for a debate Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate" The answer from our PM's office will be, I considered...
  8. RHGB

    Petition for Trump to be banned from visiting UK! petition forces MP's to debate in house of commons

    What is this rubbish? The State visit, which means a meeting with the Queen (our head of State). It has been issued and no silly internet petitions will stop it. BTW, Obama was President for three years before he was given a State visit. "The visit was announced during PM May's trip to the US...
  9. RHGB

    The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence

    I think you'll find that a lot of the poor actually voted for the Trump/Pence ticket. Except for those silly women that voted with their vagina, most of them voted for who they wanted and a lot of them voted for Trump/Pence. I'm WMAMCMH (That's White, Middle Aged, Middle Class, Male Hetro) and...
  10. RHGB

    Welcome Trump thread

    The only good thing, if she had got voted in is, she would have missed the nuke button every time she tried to fire it at Russia.
  11. RHGB

    Help Stop Trump

    Long may Trump reign and continue. Bad times for Snowflakes. Snowflakes, it is a nightmare and it's gonna get worse, live the dream.
  12. RHGB

    Welcome Trump thread

    The gift that keeps on giving. https://worldisraelnews.com/state-department-freezes-obamas-221m-gift-palestinians/ State Department freezes Obama’s $221m gift to Palestinians
  13. RHGB

    Welcome Trump thread

    Too many people have been brainwashed into becoming nihilists.They hate their own existence and that of everyone else that doesn't fit the narrative. - - - Updated - - - In the end, our media ended up calling all the terrorists in Syria, moderate rebels.
  14. RHGB

    Welcome Trump thread

    We're heading towards the spring thaw and they're all going to fade away. It was nice to see that the Women's march again, had many connections to Soros just like BLM...
  15. RHGB

    Obama admits dnc emails were not hacked but leaked

    "intelligence services" Is that an oxymoron?
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