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    Let's talk INSOMNIA and meds, routines etc....what do you do?

    I find that smoking a little cannabis at night really helps me, used to be prescribed clonazepam but got off of it.
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    Xanax attraction.

    Congratulations on getting clean, I came off xanax and clonazepam 7 months ago and still don't feel completely right either. I guess it takes a while when you have taken it for over 7 years.
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    Neurontin is a miracle drug for opiate W/Ds!!

    When I got off of xanax and Klonopin I was prescribed Neurontin. It pretty much got rid of all withdrawals.
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    EEG found I have had seizures.

    Had a Neurologist appointment a few weeks ago, was diagnosed with focal epilepsy I have had most likely have had since before my stroke in '14. The clonazepam just covered it up. I am on a different med that seems to be helping.
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    Benzo Prescription criteria

    @Name taken I think New Zealand is the only other country
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    EEG found I have had seizures.

    As stated in the thread title. I do find it kind of funny that I appear to have been having seizures for quite a few years but it just seems to have gotten worse after quitting benzos this past summer. I just have the EEG results but still have to go to my appointment with my doctor, I still...
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    Calls from U S Pharmacy

    My previous reply was a question as I have not had to use a give a phone number yet. If I do I will look into using google voice or a separate phone so I don't get calls on my personal phone.
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    Calls from U S Pharmacy

    Can't you use a burner phone for your purchases from the vendor.
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    @Chancer Yeah that sounds similar to my experience. I was given sertraline but the couple of days I took it it made my OCD way way worse and i went to the ER. That is why my psychiatrist gave me Seroquel, I am mainly worried about getting worse again if i take it. And i would not take it more...
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    @Chancer What works for you?
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    I was prescribed baclofen first but have now been prescribed gabapentin they both help with sleep a lot. I kind of want to ask if i can have both and rotate them for sleep. I have been given Seroquel by the same psych but am hesitant to take a antipsychotic, though once i took it in the past and...
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    I was wondering if anyone had used baclofen as a sleep aide? It really works for me.
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    inhousepharmacy.vu 2021 Thread

    @Purplebomshell I ended up using it for sleep a few night a week. I really helps me with that.
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    RIP Omar

    I was in my teens when I watched him in The Wire. Loved him in that as well as Community and Lovecraft Country.
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    Clonazepam Withdrawal

    It has now been a month since i have taken any benzodiazepine and I am doing pretty good considering, i have started having trouble sleeping and some pretty severe anxiety but read that it can take awhile for that to get back to normal.
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