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    Hi Everyone. I come with the saddest news i have ever shared....please be kind :Heart:

    Hi Connie So sorry to hear that. šŸ˜” I lost my wife too recently of 30 yrs. You never get over it obviously. If you ever wish to chat, just pm me. Steve
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    Drugbuyers (db) members here!

    I'm starting to learn all over again it looks pretty good lots of new features problem is, havent figured it out yet. Emoticons gone? šŸ¤”
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    The Song Game...

    Love or Confusion - jimi Hendrix
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    Lapsed Senior member.

    I'm good with lapsed status; on all liquids for 5 years so cant swallow anything anyways. Last valium was May 2016. Withdrawals severe after 30 yrs xanax. No seizures but major shakes & discomfort. Dosage was .75mg per day. Wife Chinese; so quite ez to procure. Their society opposite from us...
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    Children of the 70s & 80s

    @Rylee au smartphone can't post too much. :rolleyes: heard you mention the cars. Mine was 1969 Pontiac firebird; 350 v8, Rochester 2-barrel carb, 250hp. Forest green; blk vinyl top. Roommates had '69 Camaro 396 v8 Holley 4 barrel 350 hp, 0 to 60 in approx 6 sec. Fishtailing burn rubber. :yes...
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    New requirements to access the Senior Members' area

    I just check my recent history and pull the link from there I don't know what the url is. I don't even know what. CO means. All I know is it works and that's all that matters. :cool:
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    Band/Artist Of The World V.

    @M77 @El Grandote whisperjet lv etc @Binky Good stuff. that who drummer keith moon best ever. I'll post a few soon; tough on smart phone. :rolleyes: :D
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    New requirements to access the Senior Members' area

    Just posting see if login works. Preview does but when I look to the confirm I get database error twice so after this audios for a while must be board glitch? ????????
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    Hi everyone.

    Thx @Carter for finding @snowy Snowy I hope you get better soon takes awhile to heal plus a lot of patience. Good to have friends and family and specially a smartphone w a good battery. TBH I didn't know you were missing I'm not here that much but that @windowpane kept harping on it day after...
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    Been lurking...should say hi lol

    @ScaredKat hello and welcome getting to the senior section doesn't take very long getting senior status. Getting it back after being absent for a while is more of a challenge it seems. Lots of games and all kinds of stuff to read. Enjoy your stay. :smile:
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    The Song Game...

    Light My Fire. Doors
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    Hello beautiful people!

    Hi @Jerseygirl welcome. Nice intro. Sounds like you got the hang of it. I've been to New Jersey a few times in my youth; it's one turnpike that's hard to forget :lipssealed: actually was quite beautiful town called Far Hills. They're pretty strict here on the rules which protects everybody...
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    Lets Talk Football

    @SatAnanda Marino Duper Clayton best trio imo. Fast! - - - Updated - - - post deleted
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    The Song Game...

    Gimme all your Lovin - ZZ Top
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    I’m back

    @Azzamean hi there glad you're back. I like your name. Certain ring 2 it. :cool: Board has changed for the better. People seem a lot friendlier nicer or helpful now. I visit a few times per week whenever possible. Very active forum.