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    Can Doctors see all prescriptions u fill?

    @tvo14 works to my advantage too, I’m in California. I switched insurance and my old doctor retired at the same time, so I was high and dry. Luckily I have 7 years of scripts for ADD meds so I didn’t even need to see a doctor. The pharmacist went ahead and filled a 3 months supply for me based...
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    How to Find new doctor to refill my pain meds?

    @phatboy Yeah. That’s why I said it’s not a long term solution. They have been filling the same dose for the last 3 months so the dose is not an issue. Just that they prefer to keep things short term. And what a shitty thing to do to you. Did you find a doc in time or did you have to suffer for...
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    How to Find new doctor to refill my pain meds?

    So I never reported back. I was able to get an urgent care clinic to fill it right away. They’ve been filling me monthly but told me I do need to find a doctor eventually. I think they might refer me to one. My current issue is that I’m out of state so until we switch to a local insurance then...
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    I had about a 6 month supply of Ol-tram from 2016 bc when I took one tab for the first time, I had the worst blinding headache and bad neck pain. So I didn’t take them again until this year when I needed a back up med to supplement my current med due to prolonged c section pain. And I had a...
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    Bad idea to pickup from FedEx?

    For whatever reason whenever I’ve done the pick up option it always takes longer
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    How to Ask for an increase of dose?

    @jaders my appointment went really well. He doubled my script but told me to not take the double dose every day, that way I can keep my tolerance down. I love when a doctor trusts you. Makes me feel good bc I can finally just by off these websites occasionally and save a bunch of money. Hope he...
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    How to Ask for an increase of dose?

    @jaders it’s pain management and the check in is 15 mins, so far I only see a PA and they just ask how it’s going and I say good and they say sorry about the long wait then they send in refill. I guess they want a monthly check in for controlled substances. Only drug test once a year, and I only...
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    How to Ask for an increase of dose?

    So I had my usual monthly refill (virtual) Appt this morning and I was speaking with the medical assistant doing check in and she said that the doctor was really busy today and said he’d just refill my script unless I wanted a change. I said I wanted a change. So she looked for an Appt and the...
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    How to Ask for an increase of dose?

    I’m prescribed IR oxycodone fairly low dose 5-10gm every 6 hours. I want to increase it to 10-15mg or start an ER. Any ideas how to approach this subject with doctor in the best way? We’ve only been together a few months so I don’t want to seem drug seeking but my current dose is too low for the...
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    How to Find new doctor to refill my pain meds?

    I recently moved across the country and am almost out of my schedule 2 Meds. My doctor told me to let him know when I find a new doc and he’ll send over my info bc he can’t refill in another state. I have no idea even where to start. I’ve been with the same doc for 10 years. I need a refill...
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    Tested negative even though I’ve been taking meds

    I signed up with a new pain doctor and told him I had been taking oxy. I did my drug test and it came back negative for everything. How is this even possible ? He didn’t question me about it or anything I’m just surprised on the science behind this. Anyone else have this happen or clues as to...
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    Supposed Tramadol

    This happened to me too! Luckily got a refund right away and found out before I took a pill.
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    Benzo alternative

    I still think Kratom works better than benzos! but I also am really picky about which brands I use for that
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    Stockpiling meds

    When I stockpile, I just order my next batch sooner like 1-2 weeks and then overtime it grows. Like a savings account lol.
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