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    New official Forum Rule against sharing Seniors' Section information

    Hi @Admin just what I was looking for and found it in a short time! A non senior pm me about info from a vendor from the senior section/restricted area and I thought it best to look over the rules before sharing any info! Glad I did because the rules state I would be banned for sharing info to a...
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Hi rufusshinra99, I was reading back a few pages and read about your tendered to military package notice. I had a couple last year that said this and I never received them. My experience only. Either way I hope you get the one you’re waiting on. (y)
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    @lezmy There have Always been (since I’ve been ordering anything Int) slower and faster times. It’s not always always fast or slow. Sometimes they have certain “operations” going on to where they are checking more. It’s pretty rare that you see everyone here saying yes it got to me on time or...
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    Pro soma = no soma

    Had a vendor send me a pic of a box with a new name they are using for soma I don’t want to put this in the general section because of prying eyes:(. Haven’t ordered any but maybe trying to use a different name/packaging for obvious reasons. I’d attach the pic of the box but that would again...
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    Trendy Masks

    Masks have been mandated in our city for a while now. We have SO many cases of COVID! My hubby is older and I have underlying conditions:( So we were wearing them since before the mandate. Mostly because the people here are All delusional! (Except us, hehe) But seriously it’s the only thing we...
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    Forum upgraded and changes to reputation scores

    hi @kmontayne So I’m on a phone & just seeing this for first time. So it’ll take a tad to get used to. As anything new. Unsure if it’s a go or no for me??? I also first thought that too, about join dates. I see the @Admin mentioned how we can check that, being on a phone I won’t take the time to...
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    Another victim of the War on Drugs

    Hi @Gullible hope you’re doing well? I agree with your post but it’s not happening for me :( I had a very devastating fall and had 4 surgeries since last October. Very Painful. It actually has changed my life forever. I was given a bunch of pain meds after the surgeries. One surgery was so...
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    Children of the 70s & 80s

    I love this thread too! Thanks @djrick ! Yes @Roz loved to chat about the muscle cars. I don’t see him around much. I’m originally from the “motor city” area and so many people there have these great cars. I don’t live there anymore and I sure miss seeing them! But my FB feed is full of...
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    What made you smile today?

    HappyBirthday @Katey! Hope you have a great day!!!:party:
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    We’re doing ok. I’ve pretty much been quarantined since Oct when I had a devastating injury. But I can walk now so I go out for walks & water plants and sit outside. Plus we’re on a mission with my neighbor with some homeless cats to get Revolution on them and one has Bad ear mites and it looks...
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    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    I had the same thing happen to me last year. The package never made it back to me. I never called the PO but it went from my local post office back to customs. That’s my experience, first ever for me.
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    Does Anyone Think That The Covid19 Will Slow Down Production Of Meds To Us?

    @Bawston I read back a couple of pages and I had already told my husband to use a napkin to open our mailbox and take our garbage container in/out. If you think about how many times the mail guy opens your mailbox plus everyone opening theirs most days, lots of germs even if it isn’t covid19...
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    "7-Day Opiate Supply" Law. Define?

    My state has the 7 day rule. My husband has to go to his office to get a written script. Walmart filled them 1x then wouldn’t again. I now use Walgreens. I had a serious accident/injury (Bad fall) off 3 steps. I’ve had 4 surgeries since early Oct last year. I couldn’t put pressure on my leg...
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    Happy birthday binky january 19

    @Binky Happy belated Birthday!!! I hope spring comes fast for you! :) I haven’t been on much. I fell and did a Ton of damage to my elbow and knee. So it’s hard to hold the phone for long. But I finally am starting to walk since October! Had a bunch of surgeries :( Enough about me! Hope you’re...
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    We now accept Bitcoin donations to help sustain the forum

    @Flower I’m with you. I completely agree that bitcoin as of now is something I don’t understand. I mean I understand it but I tried it a while ago and put hours upon hours of watching you tube videos & reading up and on here too! I got really flustered and haven’t went back to try again. I’m...