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    i hate to be the off topic guy, but i'm good to go for at least 12 hours on just 50mg of sildenafil alone. HOLY JESUS BATMAN!!! 100mg of sildenafil and 20mg of tadalafil together would have me raging for a week straight probably:p:p:p in any case i hope someone answers your question.
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    How Did You End Up Here When Searching For OP's?

    well that is to be expected I guess, I left the place I got my stuff from a glowing review although it hasn't been approved yet. In any case i'm set for at least 6 months at least with the amount of stuff i ordered. No sense in doing anything half ass, right?? :p
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    How Did You End Up Here When Searching For OP's?

    I found you guys through google searching for pharmacy forums. A friend of mine gave me some ed pills and as i was finally running out i figured to try and place an order with one of the top rated pharmacies on the list. Luckily, not only did i get exactly what i ordered, but i got it fast and...
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    Cenforce soft 100mg??

    I tried searching and really didn't find any info on these. I received 4 100 mg pills branded cenforce soft - 100 as a bonus to an order i placed. has anyone tried these or know if they are going to kill me or not???:p:p Seriously though, if you have tried them just let us all know here and...
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    Should I lower my expectation on ED pills?

    for me personally, half of a suhagra 100mg works for me in about 20 minutes and lasts at least 8 hours when i need to do the deed. i also ran across some stuff called zeagra and it's the same thing with that (half of a 100mg tablet). Speaking of zeagra, i found it in a shop here in the southern...
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    Hello Everybody, recording live from somewhere :P

    Hey there people, i just received my first order and couldn't be happier that i didn't get ripped off, scammed, or otherwise thanks to the information you guys have on the forum and website. i'll probably never get to be a senior member but at least my first order went through without a hitch...
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