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    Support for Mira

    Oh, my! I am so sorry to hear this news. The last post I read from her was probably in ‘18. She said she was in the fight of her life. I was struggling with problems as well then and wasn’t on PR a whole lot for a while. Since that time, I would look for her, but didn’t find anything new...
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    Newbie here

    Hello @mitman and welcome! Hope to see you around often. I am trying to get back here more frequently. With life the way it is these days, there’s a lot to distract you. But over the years the friendship, advice and support has been outstanding. It is well worth it!
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    Hello Everyone From a Returning Member

    Hello @Zen_Life II. Welcome back! Honestly, I don’t recognize you, but you were active here when I wasn’t very much. It’s always nice to see people come back here. Hope you stick around
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    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    My goodness, @pinkflower, I have just seen your beautiful message for the first time right now. Thank you so much. I am not on PR nearly enough. Just a couple of times since all my “real life” distractions. I don’t know how I didn’t see your message; I do apologize. You are very kind. I am...
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    What was your first job?

    What a great question, especially when starting the new year. Makes you think about life adventures you haven't thought about in a while......The summer before college I worked as a server in the dining room of a home for the elderly. This was way before the concept of assisted living...
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    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    One little adjustment, as I am afraid I might erase my post above if I try to edit it. I see that @Mrs Parker name didn’t go into italics, I must have miss written it! Checked it out and it looks like I didn’t put the right spacing. Sorry @Mrs Parker! I hope this works now. Please read my prior...
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    Say Hi to an Old Friend, New Friend, or someone you would like to know - 1 sentence only

    Hello! I haven’t been on much for a while. Had a difficult year and a half plus which I had posted about on PR a little bit. Loss of both a young family member and lifelong friend within months. Wrote privately as well. Folks here have been very kind. I am slowly working my way through it...
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    CBD Oil

    Scanned this thread quickly and see there are a few of us discussing use of CBD for our furry friends. @luvn2dance, @LuckyIrish, @throwaway1231 I just posted above about using CBD treats and/or hemp oil for my dogs. They seemed to helped-at least not hurt. So far! I've gotten everything on line...
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    CBD Oil

    Maybe this might belong in the pet/animal companion section, but I have started using CBD for a few of my animal companions. They are older (10-14yrs.) active terriers and arthritis and other aches/pains can be a problem. There are a variety of CBD treats. I also use a hemp oil that I just drop...
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    CBD Oil

    I came on this thread because of the CBD topic and somehow your post came up. I don't believe in coincidences, so I feel I have to reply. I can understand how another companion animal can fill a void when one has lost theirs. But when my animals have crossed the rainbow bridge-at least in my...
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    What made you smile today?

    Like @CrayonBox, I basically did nothing at all and I really liked it! The other thing I smiled at is that I saw the skies had cleared and there was a glorious sunset when I went to walk my dogs! It was a dreary looking day before that.
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    Any of you work from home making $$ online??.

    I really appreciate this thread and it came at the right time! Wasn't expecting anything about this topic on PR. I live by the philosophy there are no coincidences. A few years back, I sold a couple of random items on eBay. I loved it! Now I have at least a hundred random items lol. My job...
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    All Saints Day

    Yesterday, All Saints Day, I buried one of my best friends of my adult life. We hung together so many years. She was the vital, energetic one of our group. The one who held us together. It happened so fast and unexpectedly. I'm trying to wrap my head around the reality. The burial wasn't...
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    Has Buspar helped anyone?

    Not a real good source of info, but used Buspar many years ago. Swear it was 25 or 30 years. Those were the days you could get sample packs. I probably didn't take it every day long enough. May be a week or two. I just remember it didn't work well. At the time, I was looking more for situational...
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    Corydalis for pain, sleep and health

    An herbal combo remedy for my dogs has Corydalis as one of its main ingredients! My dogs are active terriers and have their share of chronic aches and pains. Its in a liquid from and they seem to tolerate it well. It seems to help their symptoms and they sure sleep like little pups! Don't have...