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    Just read a story in local news about a big controlled delivery

    That is a HUGE shipment! Stay safe
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    Where have all the OPs gone??

    We had it SO good w/ Doc and the other gents down South. I hope they are well
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    United Pharmacies (.com & .co.uk) Feedback

    Any idea if this source sells any benzodiazepines?
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    Desperate in face of chronic pain/wd

    @prettypaws , hope that you have found some relief and have a pain free weekend!
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    Death with Dignity or Physician Assisted Suicide

    I believe that if a person is terminally ill.....rather than accumulating a massive amount of debt for the survivor...that the ill person should be able to make the choice to die peacefully and w/o the horrible disease process effects.
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    What's your plans for this summer?

    Private Grand Canyon raft trip for 18 days!
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    Sleep inducing aide

    When I do not use 5mg Flexeril....my go to is 200mg 5-HTP. I have been taking this for over a year now, and I truly believe that it helps w/ sleep and elevate my mood
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    What Made You Frown Today?

    8 inches of new snow made me frown this morning
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    Capsules or Pills?

    I have only used capsules, and about three weeks ago took 100mg capsule.......and began vomiting profusely for several hours. I have taken the same capsule many times before w/o incident. This really scared the crap out of me, and have pretty much written them off after that incident. Just not...
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    pdoc finally rx'd valium for anxiety control

    I have been very curious about he Xanax XR! I take 1mg Alp for anxiety attacks (1x per week max), but as you know....the half life is quick and therapeutic effects wear off quickly. How long would you say the Alp XR is effective for? Thank you!
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    Sleep inducing aide

    I use 5 mc Flexeril. That dosage doesn't produce much of a hangover effect, and works like a charm!
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    I specialize in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. Patients are referred to me after their formal Sleep Study, and then I monitor the Patient for 90 days after the initiation of their specific therapy device. Reducing the number of Apneic Events/Hr (AHI), and...
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