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    Anyone tried ashwagandha?

    Loos interestin, thanks @jc776 .I’ve seen @Gullible post about it and meant to ask him more, thanks for the reminder. Please let us know how it goes. :)
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    Let's talk INSOMNIA and meds, routines etc....what do you do?

    Do any of you use meditation apps? I’m on day 4 of a sleep app, 20 mins a night and it’s working. Little guy woke me at 4am for a drink so stuck day 4 and 5 on and we both got back off to sleep! I’m hoping this is the end of meds!
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    Let's talk INSOMNIA and meds, routines etc....what do you do?

    Forgot one, I have mirtazapine but I can't take it if I have my son here/ have an early appointment the next day. It knocks me out cold, I don't think anything would wake me up in an emergency. I feel drowsy in the morning to the extent I can't get out of bed even to turn the alarm off. I...
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    Let's talk INSOMNIA and meds, routines etc....what do you do?

    @feisty Thanks for posting this; it's interesting to hear how insomniac's cope. I've had trouble sleeping for over 25 years. I don't get racing thoughts, I just struggle to nod off. Once I'm asleep I'm ok at going back to sleep if woken up. I rotate zopiclone, soma, CBD, amiltryptiline and a USA...
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    Stockpiling meds

    I don’t stockpile. I used to and got sick of having to keep them safe. I’ve found better ways to stop minor pain, better ways to sleep so not necessary now. After seeing a mate in trouble with benzos I helped them taper and then destroyed the stockpile. I don’t ever want to see or get anxiety...
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    Hi hoping for some help on this Zopiclone by Sandoz? URGENT????????

    @SadieJ They are Dutch. I've had loads. Perfectly fine and IMO far, far better than Teva. You got lucky :)
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    Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

    @karuna I think you are incredible. I still can't read all of your posts even though I really want to. I was diagnosed a year ago, treatment continues. You have posted exactly what I do several times a day, I couldn't explain it as eloquently as you have and I struggle to say it to those who...
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    Is it always going to feel like this?

    @Smithy1 I'm sorry to read you were hurting and I hope you're starting to feel even just a tiny bit better. I'm not going to go anywhere near giving partner advice; remember the fun times and don't look back. Never harbour ill feeling, get up, dust yourself down and find fun and laughter. You've...
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    Tapentadol vs. Tramadol (thinking about switching from tramadol to tapentadol and have questions)

    Yes, I don't order it but I heard exactly the same on Saturday from someone who does and who is now worried. What caught my interest was that she'd been told a few days previously and had run out of meds, was expecting withdrawal and after 48 hours hadn't had any signs, I was sort of hoping I...
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    The "hello stranger" greeting

    @trish5959 I agree with the majority here however one person says it to me and she uses a tone of voice that suggests I've neflected her whilst putiing her hands on her hips!. This irritates me so I don't bother with her and what @bluebell has said applies. So I suppose it's the tone of voice...
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    Brexit - concerns about disruption to medicine supplies

    I’ve noticed changes from my own GP who repeat prescribes sleepers and painkillers. I was called in for a med review but was living 200 round trip away and couldn’t do it with a baby. I finally got the gp to do med review on phone and repeat prescription is back on but I had to lie about where I...
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    Tapering Codeine Phosphate

    @Smithy1 Hey you! I'm rarely online these days but the lovely Pink lady on here gave me a nudge. I've not read where you are with quitting / reducing yet but I'm glad to see that you've recognised what you need to do. I agree with @Morals Don't ever give in. You know how to reach me. V :) X
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    Lets talk depression

    I know very little about depression, I’ve started reading about it as I’ve been approached through work by a mental health charity in Scotland and their proposal is interesting. I briefly dated someone who told me he suffered two bouts of it and I later discovered he’d suffered with it all his...
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    Finally! We're back online!

    @Admin and the PR Team. Thank you. I really appreciate the effort you all put in far more than I'll ever be able to say. V :)
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    @RAZZEL It was a life saver for me about 3 years ago. I was prescribed 7.5mg nightly. It was hard getting off. You've just reminded me to gt rid of them, thanks! :)