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    Been here for a sec, here I am!

    I’ve lurked and learned from many of you and am so glad this service exists. Seems like a good place for cautionary reason, information knowledge, and getting help from someone similar. Thanks for being here everyone!
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    Favorite All Time Movies

    Someone may kill me, but I love there will be blood. I thinks portrayed so well, not to mention Jonny from Radiohead scores it. Don’t have much else but that mine
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    Read anything good lately? (II)

    I’m a lifelong reader. Anymore, I’m stuck reading Tolstoy. Even wrote my own dictionary for the worlds I didn’t know. Went to school for eng and got the degree, but really it got in the way. Poetry is another thing, though. I love me some poetry. I think when reading really started take its...
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    CASH APP NOW HAS BITCOIN and it cost a few dollers to send alot of cash.

    I love cashapp. Can get my bitcoin without a fee, and they let you design your own atm card you can set with pin and all. Great for investing or transfers. The interface is simple. And now they offer to buy bit coin, the better. Many other places charge for every transfer. I pay my rent...
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    Impact of harsh laws on chronic pain patients...interesting article

    I know this to be a huge issue here in Tn. A year and a half ago I broke my back in six places, broke all my ribs on left side, and punctured a lung. Motorcycle accident. I was barely given anything for the pain, nothing they did give seemed to work and I’m assuming some record of my having been...
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    what is seroquel side effects

    Personal experience I’ve experienced loss of memory. Also, having taken too much by accident found myself being woken up by a close friend where I had fallen asleep in the women’s restroom? I’m assuming I couldn’t d find the men’s so I just went there for a nap. But at time it has been the only...
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    I was prescribed vyvance for a couple years. Also adderal. And Ritalin way back. I like vyvance the best but I was precribed 90mg a day and though I wouldn’t always take the full dose, I eventually developed tremors, would feel my nerves flutter like when you have a twitch below the eye. This...
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    LINK: Comparison of Sleeping Pills: Which is The Best and The Worst?

    For anyone interested in natural sleeping medication, I was a supplement specialist for 5 years and know the market very well. I do admit the are many scams in the natural market, just as there are in big pharma. After trying pretty much everything to help with sleep for my insomnia, a product I...
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    Not to sound too cautionary but just to share my experience, it is something that no doubt can alleviate much anxiety, but when using for more recreational type of effects it can become a slippery slope. It may sound like a lot but for myself 10mg seems to work well enough that if I find myself...
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    Kratom use

    Kratom has been a life saver for me. If only I had known about it at 16. I’ve tried it in everything and, personally, the worst was with coffee. The absolute best for me is chocolate milk. The sweet chocolate flavor seems to overpower the kratom enough that it just tastes like a somewhat thicker...
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    Do Natural Redheads Have More Anxiety?

    Panicked redhaired person here. Have had crazy anxiety my entire life. Always thought it had to do with how I was raised but starting to realize it could have many different reasons. Like someone said, I've read that mcir (the gene that is most linked to red heads) has been known to create...
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    To VPN or not to VPN that is the question

    I agree. I always make sure to research the VPN extensively to ensure they wouldnt cooperate with certain countries as far as privacy laws. So many will just turn your history over to cover their tail. The good ones I've known would operate from a country that isnt required to cooperate with...
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    Googling Information

    I've used duck duck for a while, myself. But if I'm doing everything to ensure my privacy I try to be aware of how easy sites would cooperate with any kind of investigative pursuit. While duck duck helps with history, your Ip address will almost always be the literal map back to your device. I...
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    Suboxone AKA Buprenorphine

    I was on suboxone for 8+ years and while it has saved my life in many ways, it has also limited me in ways. I spent much time trying to quit, when I was in college. And every time I did, my grades fell, my job suffered, I hated everything. I would always make it about 2 weeks when trying to...
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    Having a hard time - need a pep talk

    I am an active user but have experienced prolonged time without. I know the feeling, no drive, unassigned guilt, thinking that I will never feel normal again, let alone be happy. I even ended up in a mental institution, crippled by depression. But i can say out of the 2 periods that i...
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