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  1. yellnhollar

    How to Find a Reputable Source

    So how long do you have to go to lose your status? I guess I could look up the policy but I’m a little lazy and I think it’s been 3 months since I’ve been here.
  2. yellnhollar

    What's your reason for buying meds online?

    I have a huge swollen bone on bone knee, arthritis in my neck with 2 herniated discs, arthritis in both shoulders, a pinched nerve in my neck that extend all the way down my arm and I fell on my knees and slammed my collarbone on the edge of the table and I’m all bruised. I went in for help with...
  3. yellnhollar

    What's your reason for buying meds online?

    I moved again! I see a new doctor. I have a new knee and the other is bone on bone. I have arthritis in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I have a herniated disc pressing on a nerve that hurts all the time. There’s more but how boring. I get gabapentin and that’s supposed to help my pain. What...
  4. yellnhollar

    Lost senior privileges :-(

    I have kept up with the changes. Some senior member I am. I don’t look at all that rep points and who is who.
  5. yellnhollar

    So what's for dinner?

    Last night I had ramen noodles and tonight I had canned soup. I’m broke!
  6. yellnhollar

    Shipped 8 days ago ans still hasn't landed? (In the USA)

    It’s been since the 11th since it was mailed, still in Opps. Last order was over a month. The pharmacy contacted me and said they would reship. Then as if magic it appeared and I got it in 3 days. I just hope it’s not a month this time.
  7. yellnhollar

    Lost senior privileges :-(

    I’m posting this to not lose my privileges. I haven’t posted for a while!
  8. yellnhollar

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    I’m worried about my legit pain. I’m afraid I’ll be bed ridden. I’ve told doctors about my pain and have MRI’s and X-rays to prove it but doctors here won’t prescribe anything that helps.
  9. yellnhollar

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    This just sounds depressing and almost dire! I won’t be able to do anything. Once this drug is impossible to acquire, I’ll be pretty much bed ridden because of pain. Back to the wheelchair and cane. At least I might be able to afford someone to come in and do my chores a couple times a month.
  10. yellnhollar

    NY Customs 2020 Experiences

    Mine is in Jamaica. It’s only been there for 2 days. Says it’s inbound into customs after it went through NY Isc.
  11. yellnhollar

    US mail service to slow down come this October

    They got billions of dollars in bailout money in 2020 from the gov and they still can’t manage!
  12. yellnhollar

    Do Natural Redheads Have More Anxiety?

    I was a redhead but now I’m gray. I’ve alway had social anxiety and I still do. I would rather stay home then go see people. I’m not agoraphobic but I avoid social settings.
  13. yellnhollar

    Scammer using texts.

    I have 2 text venders that I have used multiple times with no problem. I get 4 or more a week. One guy calls me dearest or sweetie. I don’t use him at all.
  14. yellnhollar

    US mail service to slow down come this October

    I’m always having trouble with my PO. They won’t deliver packages to my door, nor do they pick them up. Well, not always, it depends on the Cartier. Sometimes they just throw it on my stairs.
  15. yellnhollar

    Medicines from India

    I think your right and the Mexican meds are weaker as well. The few different kinds I’ve tried.
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